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FitSW Updates 4.9.2021 – Client Feedback on Events


Client feedback on events is here! Now, clients can leave notes on any workout, task, or nutrition plan to let the trainer know how it went and any other thoughts they would like to share.

Adding note to a task on web (as a client) - client feedback

Receiving client feedback on events is massively important to understanding how well the client was able to complete it, what the client feels needs to be changed, and what they expect from future events.

Viewing Clients' Feedback as a Trainer
Viewing client feedback as the trainer.

Additionally, saving notes on particular events keeps clients’ feedback in an organized manner. Instead of needing to scroll back through messages or email exchanges, you can see exactly what the client experienced for each assignment. In fact, this should help keep them more accountable for the events they complete.

Currently, trainers can only view the notes, however, a future update will enable them to add to/edit the notes as well. this way there is consistent communication between the trainer and the client to understand what is going with assignments and what isn’t.


Client Notes

Client notes are also available on iOS as well! At the bottom of each event, clients can enter in their notes and simply click out of the screen. All data is saved automatically. Trainers can view these notes at the bottom of every event on each platform.

Client notes beneath a workout on iOS

Achievement Sharing

More power to the clients! They can now share their achievements on social media for their friends and family to see their progress. This is great for keeping clients motivated to reach those goals and get the conversation started about who is giving them the guidance to reach these fantastic goals (Hint: it’s you!).

Share health and wellness achievements from FitSW to Social media from the iOS app


Clients can now share their achievements on social media from their Android FitSW app! Sharing achievements is a great way to keep clients motivated to reach their goals and let their friends and family know how well they’re doing. Not to mention, people will be asking about their regimen and who their fabulous trainer is!

Share health and wellness achievements on the FitSW Android App

Our goal is to help trainers and coaches maximize their training efforts with ease using FitSW’s features.

With more voice for the client, training powered by FitSW becomes more efficient day by day. Give us your feedback below on what you would like to see from FitSW and how we can improve our resources for you!

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