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Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Smith

Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Smith

This week’s Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Smith is a versatile trainer who has worked with clients of all ages.  Below are some quick facts about Sylvia and her business.  Check it out to find out which volcano she has climbed to the top of and how old her oldest client has been!

Education / Certifications

Bachelor of Science, Public Health
ACE-Certified Professional: Profile

Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Smith Profile Image
Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Smith

Personal Training Strengths, Experience and Specialties

  • Life coaching
  • Preparation for fitness adventures (for example: running events, backpacking excursions etc.)
  • Weight loss/weight management
  • Strength/Stability improvement
  • Wellness for individuals diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Geriatric Fitness

Personal Training Philosophy

  • You must love yourself before you will be able to change yourself.
  • Weight loss isn’t easy, it’s really, really tough.
  • Lift heavy. Always.

Personal Interests

  • Backpacking/Hiking/Camping
  • Volleyball
  • Going on adventures with my dogs
  • Yoga/Meditation
Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Hiking In Alaska
Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Hiking In Alaska

Fun Facts

  • I’ve climbed to the top of Mount Vesuvius
  • I’ve backpacked in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ozarks, Red River Gorge and plan to add another trip this year!

Q & A with Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Smith

What do you think are some of your most valuable skills that lead clients to enjoy working with you?

I am a versatile trainer with experience working with individuals from 12 years-102 years (that’s right, I said 102!) I am well trained in behavior change, and my goal is to help clients move through the stages of change at their own pace in their own time.

How do you keep things fresh with your clients?

I love to switch things up with my clients; from using different types of cardio, to throwing in some kickboxing or yoga into their weekly routines. Exercises are always targeted, but you never know what we’ll do next!

What are some of your favorite resources to use as a trainer and why?

I love using the Exercise List / Library (and adding to it!) page of the FitSW website. It really allows my clients to see what I mean when I’m using exercise jargon; and it allows me to customize the exercises I’m trying to demonstrate. It helps keep my workouts versatile!

About Personal Trainer of the Week

Once a week, FitSW highlights one Personal Trainer worldwide that stands out – someone who keeps their clients on track & motivated, and consistently gets results.  We let them share their story and hold a quick Q & A to understand what works for them and what has made them successful.  We feel this gives you a chance to see what is working for these personal trainers.  It also allows us to recognize the personal trainers who are getting real results.

2 thoughts on “Featured Personal Trainer Sylvia Smith

  • Kick boxing , not surprised to hear this!

  • Cathleen Jackson

    Sylvia is a strong motivated individual and that transfers to her clients. Good job Sylvia. Keep inspiring


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