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Fitness Recipes – Add or Edit Your Own

FitSW provides all trainers with a default list of recipes that trainers can allow their clients to see. Giving their clients access to healthy recipes through the FitSW app is a great way for trainers to add value to their services. We now also allow trainers to add their own fitness recipes or edit the existing default ones. So gather up any fitness recipes you would like to share with your clients. You can now add these recipes to your recipe library. All your clients will be then able to view them.

Your Fitness Recipes Library

Trainers can access their fitness recipe library through the website by clicking “Libraries -> Recipes”. Personal trainers can also access their fitness recipe library in our mobile apps by going to the Recipes tab. For reference, here are links to our iOS app for personal trainers or our Android app for personal trainers. From there you will see a list of recipes like below.

Fitness Recipes Library

Viewing Recipe Details

You can click on any one of the recipes for additional info like ingredients, toppings, directions, or a link.

Fitness Recipes Additional Info

Adding and Editing Fitness Recipes

To edit an existing recipe, simply click the Edit icon button seen in the above image. You will be able to change the recipe image, name, directions, ingredients, add-ins, links, and more. You can also create a brand new recipe by clicking the “Add Recipe” button in the upper right of the main recipe list. From there you will be able to create a recipe from scratch complete with recipe image, name, directions, ingredients, add-ins, links, and more.

How Clients Can View Fitness Recipes Library

Once you are done updating your fitness recipes library the way that you want it, your clients can view the recipes. Recipes can help them with meal planning or just provide inspiration to them for ideas on what to eat. On the website, clients can go to their nutrition tab and select recipes. They will be able to use search functionality if they would like. The clients can also pull up recipes in the FitSW app by going to the Recipes tab seen below. When your client taps on a recipe they will be able to see ingredients, directions, and more.

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