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Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements

We have added several usability improvements to the Personal Trainer Scheduler to make it better work with the Workout Builder.  The biggest one is that we now allow personal trainers to specify a time for their clients workout if they would like while they are building the workout.  The app / website then automatically adds the workout to both the trainer and client’s schedule.  This is currently implemented on our iOS app and our website.  It will be available on the Android app in two days.

If you haven’t used our scheduler before, there is more info on the basics and features of our scheduler here.  We also show you how to add a specific workout you create to your schedule calendar here.  Below we will show you how to do this in our mobile Apps.

Add Personal Training Workout to Schedule in Mobile App

Here is how you can add a workout automatically to your Personal Trainer Schedule Calendar.

  1. On the Edit Workout or Add Workout screen, you will see some text on the same line as the Date that says “Specify Time”.  Tap this.

    Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements Specify Time
    Tap the Specify Time button to set a specific time for your workout and add it to you personal trainer scheduler calendar.
  2. Enter the Start Time and End Time and tap “OK”

    Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements Select Start Time and End Time
    Choose a start time and end time.
  3. The time will then be specified for this workout.  If you would like to change the time, simply click the current times that you just set.  When you Update / Add the workout, the app will automatically add it to your Schedule Calendar.

    Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements Times Selected
    You can now see the Displayed Workout time and you can change it by tapping the time again.

The personal trainer and client’s Schedule Calendar is now updated to show the workout that was added from 12:00pm to 1:00pm:

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvement Calendar View
The app displays the Workout on the trainer and clients Schedule Calendar now.

Similarly, the website version of the Schedule Calendar displays this event as well.

Personal Trainer Scheduler Calendar Website View
The website’s version of the schedule calendar now shows the workout appointment on Nov 1st at 12:00 pm

As a result of the above, the workout list page and the workout details page now display the workout time.

Personal Trainer Scheduler Calendar Workout Details View
The Workout Details page now shows the optional Workout time next to the date.

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