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FitSW Updates 3.26.2021- More Client Management Options


Client Management

The client editor has a brand new look for more streamlined client management. Now, you can view all profile options without needing to scroll. Quickly input the information you need to get the client started with their profile or make quick updates and notes on their progress.

New Client Profile Layout for Better Client Management

You can now tag your clients to keep better track of any important information you need to group your clients together. For example, tag all your clients who enrolled a specific fitness program to keep better track of their progress. Some examples in the image below are tagging new members or tagging the different types of clients like athletes and non-athletes.

Manage client tags by either adding them directly to a client in their profile or by pressing the blue gear icon (refer to the image below) to add more tags and choose a color for each tag.

Client List with Client Tags
Client Tags for Personal Training Client Management

Message Scheduling

Trainers, you can now schedule messages on 15 minute intervals. Previously messages could only be scheduled on hour intervals, but for that little extra push for your clients you can schedule four messages per hour!

Android (Beta)

The Android app now has an updated look to match the web app and new branding! New color schemes keep the user experience fresh and more engaging.

Nutrition List on Android

Group messaging is now available in the Android Beta for better client management and communication. You can schedule messages for one or multiple clients to receive for a little motivational push or a reminder. Whatever the case, you can sit back and relax while FitSW does the work and remembering for you!

Group Messenger for Personal Training Client Communication - Client Management

Categories for programs is an additional feature to better help your clients find the right training program for them. You worked hard to build out those programs! Make sure the right people are enrolling in them with a few screening questions on the categories of the training programs.

Categories for Fitness Programs on Android

Clients can create custom date ranges for sifting through compliance data on the client dashboard. It’s important for clients to keep track of their own compliance. It motivates them to stay on track for reaching their goals by keeping them on their toes with completing assignments.

Client Dashboard on Android

Join the Android Beta on the Google Play Store today to get early access to new features!

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