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Personal Trainer Software Android App Updates

Personal Trainer Software Android App Updates

UPDATE: This app has been released and is available now.  More info can be found here.

We will soon be releasing a major update to our FitSW Android app which will include a full redesign, usability improvements and bug fixes.  The new layout of our personal trainer software android app will allow us to better incorporate many of the new features that you have been requesting.   We are looking for users  to try out our beta version of this new Android app to give us feedback on some of the improvements that they would want to see. If you are interested in an early look at this software and want to be a beta tester, respond in the comments section below or send us an email at

New Personal Trainer Software Menu

A key change with this new release is the new easier to use sidebar menu with more options.

Personal Trainer Software Android App Menu
Our new sidebar menu will be easier to use and allow more menu options.

Separated Out Tasks from Client List

Tasks now has its own menu item and is separate from your personal training Client List.  This makes it easier to track your clients goals and tasks for both you and your personal training clients.  We have also added the ability for users to create repeating tasks with what every repeating frequency they would like.

Personal Training Client Workouts and Diets

We have also updated the personal trainer software Android App Workout and Diet screens.  The new layouts make it easier for you to build workouts for your personal training clients.  They will also make it easier to plan diets for them as well.  We have also made it easier for your clients to review these workouts and diets that you created.

Personal Trainer Software Android App Adding Workout
New layout for creating workouts & diets make it quicker and easier for personal trainers to plan for their clients.
Personal Trainer Software Android App Viewing Workout
New layout improves the view for clients as they are reviewing the workouts their personal trainer created for them.

FitSW Android App Beta Testers Wanted

These are just a few of the new updates we will be releasing soon.  If you want to see the rest and try the updated Android App early as a Beta Tester, email us or leave a comment.

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