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On-Demand Multi-Day Programs – FitSW Updates 3.5.2021


On-demand multi-day programs are finally here to give your training workflow and client assignments a boost. Many trainers like to provide on demand fitness programs for their clients to join at their convenience.

Well, trainers, get excited because now that is possible. So lets get into the awesome fresh additions to the multi-day programs features we rolled out this week.

Filter Multi-Day Programs

After all that hard work you have put in to build out the programs themselves, why not make it easier to locate them and describe their particular use? Now, trainers can tag programs with category names, by gender, diet plan, and level of intensity.

Trainers and clients can use these tags to filter through the list of programs to find exactly what they need. This gives clients more autonomy in deciding the path for their training with the leading hand of their trainer.

categorizing on-demand multi-day programs

Client Enrollment in Multi-Day Programs

Using the category tags and filters, clients can find the perfect multi-day program that fits their fitness level and wellness goals.

Once the client finds the ideal program for themselves, they can simply click Enroll on the right side of the program card. A modal will appear where you can choose what date you would like to start the multi-day program.


Delete Events Options

Let’s say a client has to cut on-demand multi-day programs short for whatever reason. The client and the trainer might want to save the progress data from the completed events within the program. Either party can delete all future events associated with the program in question. Therefore, saving all the previous events that contribute to the client’s overall progress and compliance tracking.

However, if the trainer wants to remove all the associated events with a program, then you can bulk delete all assigned events from clients’ accounts.


Before creating programs that clients can enroll in, think about how you would like to sell access to these programs. You can build out packages for one time purchase or include access to these programs through a subscription plan.

On-demand fitness is on the rise, so hop on the trend. Give your competition something to keep their eye on as you continue to innovate your fitness business with FitSW.

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