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Mid September FitSW Update

Last update, I was excited because September typically means fall is coming, temperatures start to cool off, and my allergies take a chill pill. But, recently, we have had a series of wildfires in Colorado causing a lot of smoke to blow all over the state. On top of that, California, as we all know, have their hands full with their own wildfires. Guess where all that smoke blows? Colorado. Saaad. Anyway, as you’ll find out through this mid September FitSW update, our developers are also on fire. But, you know, metaphorically. We’ve made a series of improvements and feature additions to our mobiles apps, bringing the full functionality of FitSW closer and closer to the palm of your hands.

Without anymore rambling, lets dive, while I try not to set this keyboard on fire. Why is everything on fire?

iOS Feature Extensions

I call them “feature extensions” because they are features that already exist on the FitSW web app, they just were not present on the iOS mobile app.

Copying Tasks

Copying is now available for tasks on iOS. Prior, you could only copy workouts and nutritions.


You can now favorite workouts, tasks, and nutrition plans in the iOS app. Before this update, you had to use the web app to favorite anything.

Client Enabled Copying

If you have set your client permission settings accordingly, clients can now copy workouts, tasks, and nutritions.

If you don’t know how to do so, log into your FitSW account and head to your settings page. Once in the settings page, scroll down until you see the client permissions section.

Client Permissions in Mid September FitSW update

There you can set the settings to your preferences.

(Re)fresh tokens, anyone?

Because we have plenty of them for this mid-September FitSW update!

All jokes aside, the bug on Android that demanded you log back in because your token wasn’t fresh enough is fixed.

However, if you see anything funny going on, please feel free to let us know by reaching out to

Android App Improvements

While we are in the topic of the android app, we have also made improvements to a couple in-app features.

Live Class Partipants

When creating live classes in FitSW on android, you can now see who has registered for your class before the class starts. Giving you an idea of what to expect.

Camera Access Improvements

You can now use your front camera on your android device through your technology settings in classes.

Multi-day Program Improvements

We have just recently added multi-day programs to Android. Our developers are continuously working on making it as streamlined and easily accessible as possible.

Have feedback?

If you have any feedback on any of the updates mentioned in this article or any feedback in general, please feel free to reach out to!

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