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FitSW Updates From July: Mobile Friendly Classes and More

This FitSW update is yet another big one as we push to make live fitness classes more accessible from mobile devices among many other things. This week, I won’t spend too much time rambling, before just diving into it.

Live Fitness Class Improvements

I think it’s safe to say live classes got a little bit of a makeover. We have put a lot of work into making sure the live class interface is optimized and truly useful.

Live Classes are on the FitSW iOS and Android App

FitSW Update From July: Mockup of two iphones displaying what live fitness classes looks like on the FitSW mobile apps.

There are several things that make this part exciting, namely because our developers really put “finger tips to keyboards” and were able to add live fitness classes to both our iOS and Android app pretty quickly.

Now, as a personal trainer, you can quite literally manage your live classes from anywhere. And as a client? Well now they have easy access to your classes can join them all from their mobile devices.

Live Classes Interface Improvements

FitSW Update From July: introducing the mobile friendly live class interface.

In addition to getting classes added to the FitSW iOS and android app, we were also able to really improve the live class interface, not just in general, but also for mobile devices. Before, you eyes might have started bleeding a little bit from squinting so hard. Now? Instant euphoria.

New Widgets for Classes

Along with improving the interface, we also added some new widgets.

Visibility Settings

Class attendees now can choose whether or not they show their camera feed to the whole class or just to the class instructor. Additionally, class attendees can choose which mic/camera to use. This way they can use a webcam they may have purchase and same goes for the mic.

Universal Interval Timer

We have also added a universal interval timer to live classes with visual cueing. This way class instructors can run a tight ship, especially if they are hosting large classes.

Improved Trainer Notifications for Live Classes

Before this update, live fitness class instructors didn’t really have to many methods for managing their expectations for live classes (i.g. how many participants to expect).

Class Sign Up Email Notifications

Now, when someone signs up for a class, the instructor will get get an email notifying them of the sign up. Woohoo!

Missed or Late-to-class Email notifications

Hey, sometimes life happens and you forget about a session you have scheduled or a live class. This is where this feature comes in. If you scheduled a class and forgot about it, FitSW will send you an automated email that notifies you that you have class scheduled with participants waiting.

The Branded Client List Dashboard

Computer mockup of the branded client experience in FitSW Fitness Software

Prior to this FitSW update, the new client list dashboard that we rolled out not too long ago did not reflect the branding of those who purchased custom web apps. Now, the client list dashboard will reflect your custom branding with:

  • Your logo into place of ours.
  • And your branded colors.

Have Any Feedback on this FitSW update from July?

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