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FitSW Updates Going Into the New Year.

As we head into the New Year, we are looking back at what a year it has been for FitSW. We’ve learned a lot, met a lot of great trainers, and we have implemented a lot of new features. However, we’ll save our reflection time for a little late and today we’ll take a look at some of our most recent FitSW updates.

Web App News

Our web app has seen a couple rather large updates recently that we are excited about. If you have any questions or feedback on some of the updates mentioned below, please feel free to reach out and let us know.

Real-Time Notifications

Notifications feed in the FitSW web app

Notifications have been a slow steady feature in the making. As each day passes by it’s gotten better and more robust, and now, we have a brand new notifications center. The notifications trigger when:

  • New events (workouts, nutrition plans, and tasks) are added and marked as complete.
  • Someone signs up for your live class.
  • When someone posts new progress photos (only shows to the trainer and the client that posted the pictures).

In addition to the notification aspect, you can also react to notification with a thumbs up or a similar emoji.

Simplified Nutrition

Simplified nutrition plan and icons for consuming macros

There’s no doubt that nutrition is an important aspect in any fitness program. However, depending on the client, they may not need or want nutrition plans that require they count macros and weight their food. Enter simplified nutrition.

Simplified nutrition is simply a way for you to guide you client generally in what the should focus on eating. For some clients, you may want them to focus on eating a lot of protein or carbs. With the new simplified nutrition tool, you can simply assign them general guidance for their nutrition that doesn’t require they count calories.

The Client Dashboard

Much like trainers, clients want to be able to log in and easily see what they have going on for the day for their programs. With the new client dashboard, they can do exactly that.

The new client dashboard with daily assignments and progress

From the client dashboard, clients can easily see what events they have coming up for the day, their progress data, and they can easily add progress pictures. Additionally, their trainer’s profile photo displays on the bottom right-hand side of the dashboard. Clicking on it opens a chat menu in which clients can easily send private messages to their trainer.

Private chat with personal trainer

Client Notes (Also on Android

Taking timestamped notes for clients can be a really great practice to get into. Mainly because, as the trainer you can document pretty much anything from progress to setbacks which can help you later on. However, often times the process of consistent note taking can feel tedious.

Now, with client notes, you can head to a specific clients profile and take notes on their profile in 30 seconds. The result? A list of notes taken in chronological order, ready for you to reference at any moment.

Add notes to a client's profile

Event Level Links (Also on Android)

With this new link field, you can input a link to pretty much anything. Located in the General Section of the event builder, you can use the link to help guide clients in what it is that you are assigning them.

For example, if you are assigning your client a 60 minute boot camp that’s a YouTube video, you can create a workout and place the link to the YouTube video in the event level link section. This new feature, while simple, helps make the event builder more dynamic.

iOS News

Much like the web app, the FitSW iOS app has seen a couple important updates recently that you need to know about.

Front, Side, And Back Progress Pictures

As a trainer, you know that if you don’t provide specific instructions to clients on progress pictures then you’re probably going to get a mixed basket of results. Now, FitSW handles this for you with guided progress pictures that includes crosshairs as guides that help clients line up each progress photo consistently. It also will guide them on how to stand through prompts.

Plot Sets in Progress Graphs

When it comes to client compliance, there are layers to how you can monitor client compliance. One of them is at the very top level which is simply whether or not the client completed a certain task. However, when taking it a step further, you can also monitor to what detail the client is completing the assigned task.

Prior to this update, only reps and weight would get plotted in progress graphs in FitSW. Now, the sets will also get plotted so you can monitor how well the client is sticking to their workout.

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