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FitSW Updates to Kick Off The Year 1.8.2021

As we roll into the new year, FitSW is getting some exciting new updates. In December, we rolled out our awesome new dashboard for trainers and clients. Coming up we have some new specific features that we think you all will enjoy as you take on the new year with new clients and old.


In 2021, we are embracing gamification and reward systems to help you keep your clients motivated and on track. We have introduced achievements on all platforms (web, iOS, and Android). Clients can receive achievements for completing tiers of workouts, meal plans, and tasks.

Achievements are awarded at the:

  • The first completion of workouts, meal plans, and tasks
  • 5th
  • 10th
  • 25th
  • 50th

Clients can view these achievements in their dashboard, and trainers can view these achievements in the client’s profile.

At the moment, this feature will be available on the Android Beta. You can join the Android beta to help us product test the new features through the Google Play Store. We would love to hear your feedback about what is going well and what isn’t!

iOS Healthkit Integration

Clients will now be prompted to allow or disallow FitSW to track step data through Apple HealthKit! If chosen to allow this data tracking, clients and trainers will be able to view daily step count. For clients, this will be available in the dashboard, and for trainers, this data will be visible in the client’s profile beneath the achievements.

Apple HealthKit Integration in FitSW - Step Count

Notifications and Reactions

Last week, before the start of the new year, we released an update for notifications for the iOS app and the Android app. Now, clients and trainers will receive notifications that they can react to for better trainer-client communication. Also, who doesn’t love using emojis to communicate their reactions?!

Notifications will trigger for:

  • New events (workouts, nutrition plans, and tasks) are added and marked as complete.
  • Someone signs up for your live class.
  • When someone posts new progress photos (only shows to the trainer and the client that posted the pictures).

Web Updates


Recipes in FitSW

Clients will have access to default recipes right now. In the near future, trainers will be able to upload their own. You will have the choice of outlining these recipes right there in the description, or you can leave that up to the article or YouTube video that already covered the essentials for preparing the meal with a handy-dandy link section.

Insert a header image to show your clients what they have to look forward to at the end of the meal prep process. Also, don’t forget to insert a description of the macros to give your clients an idea of how this will fit into their meal plan!

Compliance and Data Filtering

Now you can easily search and find clients by their compliance data without the painstaking data trudge. If you have more than 15 clients, then you probably know what it’s like to try to locate data as you need it.

Find this search feature at the top right corner of the client dashboard and filter by type of event and level of compliance.

Compliance and Data Filtering -  FitSW Update

Let us know what other ways you would like search filters implemented to boost your workflow efficiency in the comments or by reaching out to

SCA 3D Secure Payments

Are you ready to accept purchases from more clients? Well, with the addition of 3D secure payments through Stripe, more clients will be able to use their cards for purchases made through FitSW.

Previously, if users’ banks had stricter guidelines on the authentication of purchases, then they would not be able to complete transactions. Banks will deny the transaction if they cannot confirm the owner of the card is the one making the purchase.


Workouts, tasks, and diets have been given a new look in the Android app as well as the client dashboard.

The client dashboard now features quick snapshots of progress graphs and what to expect out of their daily assignments.

Trainers are now also able to take notes on their clients in their profile.

Notes on clients on Android

When creating workouts, tasks, or diets, you can include a link to any supporting webpage or video that you like! It never hurts to give clients more information about the assignment!

Workout notes fro a clients workout plan

Simplified Nutrition

Trainers can now simplify the nutritional assignments to clients by only requiring a certain amount of macros. Also, you can include a link to an outside source for supplementary information.

The macros trainers set for clients are represented in symbols that clients can click on and fill as they complete the assignment.

Simplified nutrition plan on Android

Android Beta

For Android users, some major updates are in the works, but we want ensure they are all up to par before we release them to the app. For those of you willing to lend us your feedback, we welcome you to join our Android FitSW Beta where you will have access to these features:

  • Achievements
  • Google Fit Integration
  • Recipes

Recipies and achievements will function the same as the other platforms. However, Google Fit is our newest development in wearable tech integration for Android users.

To sign up for the beta, you must navigate to FitSW in the Google Play Store on your mobile device. On the Google Play Store page, you will see an option to sign up for the beta.

Google Fit will track step data for users who already have the app installed on their mobile and wearable devices. To use Google Fit in the beta, you must sign up separately with a Google Fit account to connect the two apps.

FitSW Integrates with Google Fit for Step Data

Next Friday, we will announce our next round of updates so stay tuned for more information! If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to reach out to

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