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Personal Trainer Assessment List Update – Web Software

FitSW’s assessment list has always been an important part of our software. It enables trainers to show progress tracking graphs to their clients. Additionally, assessments are crucial to tracking clients overall fitness progress. This is why we have been working on an awesome new feature for the personal trainer assessment list for the past few weeks. We are happy to announce that the feature is finally live and ready for the public to use! If you would like to see it for yourself, go to your Client List and click on graphs (on a specific client). After this, click on “Table Format” and then click on an assessment number entry!

There are multiple new features that this update brings to the table. The first feature is that the date of assessments can now be edited. Beforehand, only the value entered for an assessment could be changed. Secondly, you can now add notes to any assessment. This is a feature that both trainers and clients can use! This feature enables both personal trainers and clients to stay on the same page about why a specific assessment value may be that way. Finally, a modal window will now appear, giving the user more freedom to choose what they want to edit. In addition to the main features in the update, there are a couple of minor changes that we will speak about as well.

Personal Trainer Assessment List – Editing Dates

Personal Trainer Assessment List - Editing Dates
Date column circled

In the previous version of the software, there was no way to edit the date of an assessment. If you accidentally entered an incorrect date, there was no way to change it without deleting it. However, we realized this and users now have the ability to change the date! So, if you accidentally entered the wrong date, or put the wrong date in for any reason, you now have the ability to change it!

Adding Notes

personal trainer assessment list - adding notes
Notes column circled

After many feature requests, we have added a notes section to the assessment list! Both trainers and clients have the ability to write notes on any assessment that they wish. The reason for doing this is that it can be hard to remember why a specific assessment value is the way it is. With the ability to add notes, you can always remember why the assessment value was the way it was.

personal trainer assessment notes icon
Assessments with notes will have this icon

If you see the symbol above this paragraph next to an assessment, it means it has a note associated with it. To see exactly what the note says, scroll over this icon. A box will appear showing the message of the note (see the image below for an example).

View when scrolling over notes icon

Modal Window Now Appears

In the previous version of FitSW, when editing an assessment, the only thing that could be changed was the assessment value. However, now that you have the ability to change the date, assessment value, and add notes, a new window will appear when you click on an assessment. You may have noticed this new window in the pictures above. However if you did not, please refer to the picture directly below this paragraph for another view of the modal window that pops up. This allows for the user to edit any one of the categories!

personal trainer assessment modal window

We are very excited to have released this new feature and would love your thoughts! If you have any feedback or comments on the new personal trainer assessment list feature, contact us! You can do this by connecting with us on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or support page! Additionally, you can leave a comment on this blog article! We typically reply within a day or so!

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