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FitSW Web Update: Group Scheduling & Autocomplete

Hello Group Scheduling and goodbye to tediously adding clients to the same time slot. The long awaited feature many have asked for has finally come. Accompanying it is another feature just released today we are calling “autocomplete”. We know, so original. Without too much rambling, lets dive right into Group Scheduling & Autocomplete.

Group Scheduling

Before the group scheduling update in FitSW, you could schedule more then one client at a time. It was just a tedious process of adding each client one-by-one. Now it’s a simple click and drag and then selecting the client name for the group session.

Group Scheduling & Autocomplete: Sample image of the new Group Scheduling Feature.

Notice the beautifully drawn red box in the image above? That’s where all of your clients names will appear when you create an appointment or session in the scheduler. Once you have selected all of the clients you need, you can make it a recurring event and set an automated email reminder for either 6, 12, or 24 hours before the scheduled event.

Now that group scheduling exists you can create workouts, assign them to multiple clients, and schedule a group training session in the scheduler. This is especially handy since you can set reminders mentioned above.


Autocomplete is a little self explanatory. On client workouts, you as the trainer or the client can now select a button the left side of their workout that auto fills their workout data.

Notice the fancy drawing again? Now you can just select the “Fill” button and have all of the data auto fill for you. A simple yet handy feature when it comes to workflow efficiency.

Feedback on FitSW Web Update: Group Scheduling & Autocomplete?

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