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Scheduled Downtime for Friday, September 25 from 10 pm-2 am MT

We will be migrating servers and databases this Friday night between 10 pm and 2 am. During this time our website and apps will not be available. This migration will increase the speed of our site and enable us to add some awesome features in the near future.

Though you will not be able to connect to FitSW at this time, you can print out your workouts/diets/tasks or email them to your clients using our website ahead of time. This is only if you will need access to them during this time. To print out your workouts/diets/tasks, please refer to the following instructions:

How To Email/Print Events

How To Print Workouts, Tasks, Diets, & Progress Tracking Graphs ahead of time

  1. Navigate to the workout, diet, task, progress graphs, etc that you would like to print.
  2. Next, click the Print button located on the event you wish (see image below).
Server Upgrades

3. If you need to print out progress tracking graphs or our exercise progress graphs, the process is slightly different. There will be a green Print button in the top right portion of the screen (see image below).

print button

How To Email Workouts, Tasks, Diets, & Progress Tracking Graphs

If you prefer to email your events to your clients, this would be just as effective as printing them! To email your workouts/diets/tasks to your clients, please refer to the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the event you wish to email to your client(s).
  2. Next, click the Email button (see image below).
Server Upgrades

To recap, we will be migrating servers and databases over to AWS. Additionally, our software will be unavailable for use during this time. Please refer to the information below about the specifics on our server upgrades:
Date of upgrade: September 25th
Maintenance Window: 10:00 pm MST – 2:00 am MST
Expected Downtime: 4 hours

Contact Us About Our Server Upgrades!

We are very excited about our server upgrades and would love your thoughts! If you have any feedback or comments on this, contact us! You can connect with us on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or support page! Additionally, you can leave a comment on this blog article! We typically reply within a day or so! Furthermore, for more information on all of our new features and personal training tips, check out the rest of our blog!

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