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FitSW updates from late August.

This month we’ve been just as busy. We have expanded more features from to our mobile apps, improved usability of other features, and additionally, improved some our technology to optimize for load times.

Multi-day programs on iOS

You can now use your favorite workouts, tasks, and meals to build multi-day programs from the FitSW iOS app.

The programs feature has been on the web version of FitSW for a long time, however, none of our mobile apps.

Want to build a multi-day program in 10 minutes flat? Here’s a quick help article we have written for the web. More are coming for mobile devices, however, the logic remains the same as it is the same exact feature.

Bulk delete

Yeah buddy! Need to delete a bunch of workouts or something similar? The column on the far right of your workouts, tasks, and nutritions lists are check boxes. You can check multiple boxes and delete in bulk as needed. Guaranteed to save a couple finger cramps.

Improved load times

While this isn’t necessarily a feature, it still helps especially when you haven’t cleaned up your workouts list in awhile(me) and you’re loading in like 500 workouts every time you load in the workout list.

You should notice improved load times not just in workouts but in tasks, meals, and basically anywhere there’s a list. So everywhere. Everywhere is faster now. This also extends to our mobile apps.

I Went to a Good School, So Why Am I Terrible at Math?

The image above is me when when the developers were telling me how they did it. Something about downloading more RAM? Kidding.

Timestamping in messaging

Besides loading faster, your messages will also stamp the time every 30 minutes. So it should be easier to keep track of things. Especially if you get into one of those “no no I sent that at this time!” arguments with one of your clients.

Participants are waiting live class notifications

Not too long ago, we implemented “participants” waiting notification emails for trainers. Essentially, all they do is send the trainer an email letting them know they have participants in a live class of theirs. This becomes especially helpful if you forgot you even had a live class.

However, if multiple participants joined before you, you’d get a bunch of emails. Now, you will only get one email.

Auto select in the scheduler modal

When you go to the scheduler and create a session or personal time, it will auto select the right fields based on where you are clicking and typing.

Specifically, it does this when you are defining repeating events.

Gyms can navigate to the trainer list from the client list

For gyms, there is an additional option in the client list now that brings them back to the trainer list for their gym account. Prior to this, they would have to use the back button a bunch of times.

Elite trainer page improvements

We made some responsive design changes to the elite trainer page. For those who have the elite trainer page, the scroll bar will display on all screen sizes appropriately now. Additionally, testimonials on the elite trainer page can take testimonials of any length now.

Live class technology improvement

Our developers were able to implement a more sophisticated technology for live stream classes that will put less stress on your internet and less on your computer as well. So now, your live classes should look a better.

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