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Client Payments Tracker Dashboard Updates

We have updated the Client Payments Tracker Dashboard to go along with the updates we made to the Personal Trainer Payments page. This allows clients to purchase anything from subscriptions to merchandise to sessions directly from their trainer right there on that page. Clients can also see their current subscriptions and previous payments as well right on that page.

Clients can access this page by logging into the website and tapping on the “Financials” tab in the navigation bar on the left side. From there they will see multiple tabs on this financials page. Below are details on each tab of this page for clients – we have also previously discussed the trainer view of these tabs.

Client Payments Tab

The first tab the client will see on the Financials page is the Payments tab. This tab shows all the payments the client has made along with dates and amounts. Clients can also filter payments by Date, Amount, or Payment ID.

client payments tab

Packages Tab

The packages tab is where clients can purchase fitness packages that their trainer has created. These packages can be connected to a certain number of sessions or they can just be related to the delivery of an entire fitness program. It is up to the trainer and the trainer can create however many packages they would like. The client can then purchase these packages right on this page by adding them to their cart.

client package purchases

Sessions Tab

The session tabs let clients purchase a certain number of sessions from their trainer at the trainer’s set session rate. These sessions can then also be tracked on this page and each one can be marked complete when the client uses them. The date they were completed is also saved and can be tracked. This ensures both the trainer and client stay on the same page with how many sessions the client has purchased and how many they have left.

purchasing sessions from personal trainer

Custom Payment Tab

This simple section lets the client make a direct payment to their trainer if needed. They just enter the amount and click ‘Send Payment’ in order to pay their trainer.

custom client payments

Client Subscriptions Tab

The client subscriptions tab allows clients to purchase subscriptions from their trainer. It’s a great way for the client to have a predictable monthly cost for the trainer services and they don’t have to always worry about tracking whether they paid their trainer or not. They can just set it and forget it. Subscriptions are also great for the trainer because they don’t have to worry about tracking sessions or payments. It’s also more predictable income. Not only can the client purchase subscriptions from this page, but they can also view and manage active subscriptions.

personal training subscriptions

Products and Merchandise Tab

The Products tab allows clients to buy products or merchandise that their trainer offers. This could be things like supplements, simple exercise equipment, or clothing. This page allows the client to purchase right through FitSW. They can simply add the item to their cart and purchase. This page also gives them the ability to manage their existing orders.

client merchandise payments


The Financials page makes client payments easy. It simplifies payments for both the trainer and the client. Additionally, it gives both the client and trainer information regarding previous purchases and payments.

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