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More Customizations for Website for Personal Trainers

Last month we added several improvements to your customizable personal trainer website, also known as your Trainer Page. We have now added more customization capabilities to your very own website for personal trainers. First, you can now customize all the photos on your trainer page. We provide you with the initial images but you can replace those with any images of your choosing. Second, you can now add a more comprehensive services section. You can create an entire carousel of all the services you offer complete with multiple images and text descriptions. Third, you can choose to hide or display your Training Location section which shows the training types you offer – either online training or in-person training. Finally, you can update the names of each section on your page.

All of these features allow you to make your personalized trainer page look the way you want it. This gives you the ability to communicate your brand and offering to potential clients right there on your personalized website for personal trainers hosted right here on FitSW. You don’t need to worry about hosting fees, a web developer, software setups, or anything else. Customizing your website can take as little as 5 minutes and you will be all set with an online presence. As always, clients can sign up with you, contact you, and make purchases right there on your Trainer Page.

Customizing Photos on Trainer Web Page

Customizing photos on your custom trainer page is easy. Just go login to your FitSW personal trainer account and then go to your profile page. On the right side of the page you will see all the customization features. Scroll down to the section called Images, seen below, and click the “Customize Images” button.

website for personal trainers customization

You will then be able to upload new images on your page for different sections.

Comprehensive Services Section

We now enable you to completely build out a services section. Let’s say you are a certified personal trainer and you also have a nutrition certification. You want to clearly communicate to people that you offer personal training services and you also offer nutrition coaching. In the Services section, you can add multiple images – one for each service that you offer. You are able to add images and text and this information will be displayed to potential clients as a carousel.

To update this section, click on the “Manage Custom Services” button seen in the image above. You will then be taken to a page where you can add new services including titles, descriptions, and images. You can add as many descriptions as you would like and each one would be added to a carousel that your potential clients would see on your page.

Optional Trainer Location Section

Now that you have the new optional Services section, you may no longer want the Trainer Locations section active. Therefor, you can now disable this section from your profile page if you do not want it to show on your trainer page.

Updating Section Names

We have created a template for you to use on your trainer page with sections like Certifications and Specialties for you to fill out. However, if you want to use those sections for something else, now you can. You will just need to update the name of those sections on your profile using our new functionality. Therefore, this is yet another way to get your custom website for personal trainers, also known as a trainer webpage, exactly the way that you want it.

You can direct your potential clients directly to your trainer page or they can find you through FindTrainGain. Either way, you can now thoroughly customize your personal trainer webpage.

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