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Create Guided Workouts for Your Clients

We have now added the ability for you as the trainer to create guided workouts. Specifically, these are playable workouts that you can build around active exercise times and rest times. They enable your clients to go through a workout following those active exercise and rest times. However, we have only made this available for clients on the website (which clients can access through a phone or laptop). It will be coming to the mobile apps in the next couple of weeks. If this is something you are eager for, please let us know and we will make it come to the mobile apps even sooner.

As we were enabling these guided workouts, we also added the ability for your clients to open workouts in Full-Screen mode. Consequently, this makes it easier to see the single workout by itself using all of your client’s screens space. In order to utilize the guided / playable workouts, your clients must first be in “Full-Screen” mode.

What is a Guided Workout

As mentioned earlier, a guided workout is a workout that your client can follow along with according to its specified active exercise and rest times. The workout will automatically play timers for each sequential exercise. These timers will show your client how much time they have left for each exercise and for each rest time as they proceed through the workout. It is useful for AMRAP-style workouts like the one we show below. The client can see where they are at in the workout, how much time they have left on the specific exercise, and what the upcoming exercises are.

create Guided Workout Playing

Creating a Guided Workout

Its easy to create your own guided workouts. You go to “Add Workout” just like you were creating a regular workout. However, since you will build guided workouts around exercise active and rest times, you just need to specify time durations and rest durations for the exercise. So once you specify time and rest for each exercise you want as part of the workout, you will have created a guided workout.

FitSW has also created several workout templates some of which are already guided workouts. Nearly all the workout templates we built that we display in the image below are guided workouts.

Templates can be used to create guided workouts

We have also added some tips at the bottom of every Edit Workout screen to help you in creating a guided workout. These tips can be seen below:

Tips & Tricks

How to enable guided/playable workouts

  1. Build your workout
  2. Add rest/time values in standard format (see below). Valid values have  above them
  3. Now all your client has to do is press play and FitSW will guide them through the workout using your specified times

Standard time format – MM:SS


  • 30 = 30 seconds
  • 5:00 = 5 minutes
  • 2:30 = 2 minutes & 30 seconds

Hint: Input a 0 (zero) for no rest/time rather than leaving the input blank

Playing a Guided Workout

Your client can easily play a guided workout through the website on their phone or laptop. As of Jan 28, 2022, this feature is not yet available on our iOS app for personal training or our Android app for personal training. However, it will be available within two weeks or so. On the web, your clients just need to click the “Open full screen” button seen below.

Playing a guided workout

From there the website will take them to the full-screen version of their workout. In the lower right of this screen, they will be able to click the “Enable auto-play” button. Once they do, they will be given a 3-second countdown and their workout will start. Through the workout, your client will be able to pause, restart, or reset the workout easily if they need to. It’s a great way to help keep those clients that like following along, engaged when they are doing their workouts.

create guided workouts

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