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Free Exercise Database – New Exercises

We have added hundreds of new exercises to our free exercise database recently. Check out our full free exercise list to see the updates. Alternatively, you can login to your FitSW account and view your exercise library. As always, you can edit our exercises, replace our video with your own, or add completely new exercises. Above all, we have built the exercise library functionality to be extremely valuable to personal trainers. This allows them to provide an exercise database to their clients the way they want it. These are just some of the many benefits of an exercise database for personal trainers.

We have added a several new challenging and advanced exercises. Further, we have also included gif demonstrations that can be viewed quickly and easily by you and your clients. Similarly, if you want to watch the whole exercise demonstration video, you can still click the View Video button also. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite exercises added in the latest batch.

Olympic Lifts in Our Exercise Database

Olympic lifts are excellent for increasing speed, power and explosiveness. Additionally, they are fun to do. However, they can be advanced movements that require excellent form in order to prevent injury. Specifically, here are a few of the recent ones we have added.

Barbell Clean and Jerk

This is one of our favorite full body exercises.

Clean Complex: Floor, Knee, Hip Clean

This clean complex has you doing a clean with the bar starting from the floor. Subsequently, do a clean with the bar starting from your knee. Finally, do a clean starting from your hip. Specifically, this is done one right after the other.

More Kettlebells in our Free Exercise Database

Kettlebells are such a versatile piece of exercise equipment. Additionally, they are also easy to store at home or bring to clients homes. With that in mind, we have added several more kettlebell exercises.

Double Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge

As if lunges weren’t hard enough, try holding kettlebells above your head. As you can see, another great advanced exercise.

Double Kettlebell Squat Push Press

Another great full-body exercise done with the versatile kettlebell.

More Deadlift Variations

Double Suitcase Single Leg Deadlift

Single leg deadlifts work your posterior chain in a completely different manner than conventional deadlifts. Therefore, we love to incorporate both these exercises into a training program.

Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift

This is a great way to introduce new lifters to the deadlift motion.

Future Exercises

If there are any specific exercises that you want us to add please let us know. Additionally, let us know if there is a group of exercises that you want us to add. Most importantly, we are happy to listen to you. Specifically, we have consistently added new exercises to our free exercise database based on our users feedback. Additionally, please reach out if would like to be featured in our exercise demonstration videos. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more exercises to be added next month.

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