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Personal Training Client Session Tracking

FitSW is great for tracking workouts, exercise, and progress data throughout a workout. However, you can also track how many sessions your clients have used and how many they have remaining. That is what we mean in this article’s title when we say personal training client session tracking. On top of that, we have added even more features to make tracking these sessions easier. We know that selling personal training sessions can take some work. So we want to make managing those sessions your clients have purchased as easy as possible.

Session Management Page

If you go to your Financials, you will see an entire tab dedicated to Sessions as seen below. On this page, you will see a list of all your clients that have purchased sessions or whom you have given sessions. You will see how many total sessions they have along with how many of those sessions they have used or completed.

personal training client session tracking

On the above screen, it’s easy for you to credit or remove sessions from total sessions by tapping the arrows above the number. Similarly, you can increase or decrease the number of used/complete sessions using similar arrows.

Client Session Details

If you want more details on when sessions were added or completed, you can click on the client’s name. Subsequently, the web app will show a modal window showing all the sessions for the client. It will also show the date your client purchased them or the date you added them. In the second column, you will see if the session was marked complete, when, and by who. From this screen, you can also mark sessions as complete or incomplete by clicking the switch on the particular session.

personal trainer client session tracking

Adding Sessions to Client

There are numerous ways to add sessions to a client. First, your clients can purchase them through their financial tab or through your Trainer Webpage. Even potential clients that find you on FindTrainGain can purchase them on your trainer page without having to log in. Session purchases made by clients in these ways will automatically be added to the above session management pages. This makes that entire process extremely seamless. As always you can set your session rate (how much you charge for sessions), directly on the above session page. That is the rate your clients will pay.

Additionally, you can also add sessions yourself manually directly from the above Sessions page in the upper right. You do not have to associate these sessions that you add with any payment. You can, but you do not have to. Either way, it’s a better way of personal training client session tracking.

Deducting Client Session Credits For Workouts

To make things even easier for you, we have now given you the ability to automatically deduct session credits every time you publish a workout for specific clients. On the Edit Workout screen underneath the publish button, there is a “Deduct session credit after publishing” checkbox. If you check this and then publish a workout, the specific client will have 1 session deducted for this actual workout. It’s yet another way to streamline session management.

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