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Organizing Workouts and Diets iOS App Sorting

Organizing Workouts and Diets iOS App Sorting

Our latest iOS app helps Personal Trainers and their clients with organizing workouts and diets by allowing them to sort their workout (or diet) list.  Users can sort lists by Date Ascending, Date Descending, Name A to Z, or Name Z to A.  This makes it very easy for personal trainer and their clients to find whatever workout they are looking for.  To make it easier to stay organized, the iOS app remembers the last setting so that if a trainer likes their workouts, diets or tasks listed a certain way they can keep it that way.

Organizing Workouts Diets Tasks iOS App Sorting View
Trainers and clients can sort their workouts, diets, and tasks to make it easier to find specific events.

Changing the Sort Order of Workouts, Diets and Tasks

To change the sort order of events, users can tap on the “Sort by …” button highlighted in red above.  This will bring up a menu for users to select the particular type of sorting they would prefer.   Personal trainers and clients can choose Sort by Date Descending, Sort by Date Ascending, Sort by Name A-Z, or sort by Name Z-A.  The app will save the selection a user chooses for the next time they pull up that same screen.

Workouts, Diets, and Tasks all have this feature making organizing workouts and diets and tasks easy.  The settings for each event type is saved independently.   So a user could sort Workouts by Ascending Date, Diets by Name A-Z, and Tasks by Descending Date.   The system would save the settings for each screen separately.

Organizing Workouts and Diets iOS App Sorting Selected
Choose from four different ways to sort Workouts, Tasks and Diets. Sort by Date Descending, Date Ascending, Name A-Z, Name Z-A.

This same sorting feature is already available on the web application at and is coming this month to our Android app.


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