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PAR-Q iOS App – Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

PAR-Q iOS App – Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Today, we added the ability for both personal trainers and clients to fill-out and store PAR-Q’s in the FitSW iOS App.  This PAR-Q iOS App feature is extremely easy to use on phones or tablets and lets trainer’s collect the necessary information to determine their clients physical activity readiness.  Previously, personal trainers and their clients have been able to Fill Out, Print, or Save a PAR-Q form here. We also let personal trainers that have a free account also store their clients PAR-Q’s online.  Trainers can then access this information from anywhere from their phone or computer. More details on how to use the web version are here. Now, we have also added this ability to our iOS app.  If you are interested in the Android App PAR-Q, see here. 

Accessing the PAR-Q Feature in the iOS App

To access the PAR-Q feature, make sure you have the latest version of the iOS app.  Then click the More tab button at the bottom.  You will see the PAR-Q in the menu list.

PAR-Q iOS App How to access physical activity readiness questionnaire.
Access the PARQ iOS App feature through the More menu.

If you are a trainer, the FitSW iOS App will show a list of clients whose PAR-Q’s you can view.  Choose a client and the iOS app will take you to their PARQ.  If you are a client, the app will take you directly to your own PARQ.

Viewing and Updating Your PAR-Q Form

Once in the PAR-Q screen you will see something similar to the following:

PAR-Q iOS App Viewing Editing Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
Personal Trainers or their clients can fill out the fields and answer the PAR-Q questions on the go. Answers are saved automatically as the user fills them out.

Personal Trainers and clients can fill out these fields and the app will save answers as the user fills them in.  No need to click save or anything like that.  Trainers and clients can configure Height units to be inches or cm and weight units to be either lbs or kg.

Here is what the rest of the form looks like:

PAR-Q iOS App Physical Activity Readiness Questions
Physical Activity Readiness Questions portion of the form.

We have also included the standard General & Medical Questionnaire questions in this same form.

PARQ iOS App General and Medical Questionnaire Section
General & Medical Questionnaire portion of the form.

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