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Pre-built Trainer Client Contract

As a trainer on FitSW, you have the ability to create your own custom forms. These forms can include personal training contracts, the PAR-Q, or whatever you would like. We have now also added a pre-built personal training contract webpage that you can send to anyone. They don’t have to have an account and won’t need to login. You don’t even have to create a FitSW account for the client first for them to access this trainer client contract. Of course, we also added the same personal training contract to all trainer’s default forms. This way you can change it, delete it, or assign it to your clients through the app. Here is more info on customizing personal trainer forms that you deliver to clients through the app.

Accessing Pre-built Trainer Client Contract

Accessing Trainer Client Contract without Login

If you want your clients or potential clients to fill out a trainer client contract without have to login, you can just send them this link:

Another option is you can pull up this page right there with the client. You can pull it up on your tablet, phone or computer. Your client can fill out this form and sign it right there on the device. You can then save it electronically on your device or print it if you need to.

Or if you want your client to fill this out on their own just send them the link. Your client will then see the below page without having to login. From there they can fill it out right on their phone, tablet or computer. They can then click “Print” to save it as a pdf or print it. We have even built out the ability for clients to sign this contract right there on the screen. Its right there in the “Participant Signature” field. This is an ultra simple way to give your clients the ability to fill this contract without having to have a FitSW account first.

trainer client contract

Customizing the Contract

The above contract is perfect if you are looking for a simple way to have your clients fill out a contract without having to have a FitSW account yet. But what if you want to customize this form? Or what if you want the form to be associated with your specific client in FitSW’s system so that its easy to organize? Well then you can use our custom personal trainer forms feature. Using this feature, you can customize your own forms and assign them to clients. Your clients then will receive notifications to fill out these custom forms and will be able to do so right there within the FitSW app or website.

To get you started, we have added a default Personal Training Contract form in addition to our default PAR-Q form. This form will show up in your forms list as seen below. You can edit this default Personal Training Contract form as much as you would like to tailor it to your business. We have just created the starting point. Once you do that, you can start assigning it to your clients to complete.

trainer client contract and forms

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