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Personal Trainer Alex Portee – FitSW’s Trainer Of The Month

We are excited to announce that nutritionist and personal trainer Alex Portee is FitSW’s featured personal trainer of the month! Alexandar is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. He started his company one year ago in the necessity of something different, so his main focus is his online personal training and mobile fitness.

“I bring the gym to you. My experience is in football strength and conditioning, muscle growth, HIIT, and cross-training. I’ve played football for almost my whole life. Additionally, I am a former semi-pro football player of the “ Florida Veterans” from Port Charlotte Florida.”

Featured Personal Trainer Alexander Portee

I got into this business because of all the questions people kept asking me in terms of getting in shape. People constantly asked me for help so I took it as a sign that this is something I should be doing so I saved up no less than half my paychecks while working for the USPS and took action the first chance I got and never looked back. My dream and mission with my company are to reach the people who have a hard time getting to the gym or just being pointed in the right direction with getting in shape. Everybody needs help in some form or fashion and I want to build a team that reaches the people who just need that little push to get started. I see my company in every state and city making a dramatic impact on the fitness industry 

What’s your favorite thing about being a trainer?

Hearing your clients say how much they hate you and love you once the workout is over. Seeing them get results faster than expected. Seeing clients have a bigger spark in life and want to do and create more value around them because they got in shape. 

What was the single most important thing you did in your first 6 months for your business and why?

Being in my business full time and not letting fear hold me back. Why? I’m the type to stress about not being able to save a lot. I’m really frugal but I understood if I wanted something different out of life I had to make different choices and actions in my life to be able to earn the value I seek in life. If I didn’t go full time I would have been forced to lose potential clients because I didn’t have the right amount of time required to give them my services and that defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to do with my company. Just taking that leap of faith made a huge impact on my life and my family’s life. 

What is your favorite activity with clients to break up the monotony?

Give them a workout that I’ll do with them that is pretty hard but makes me suffer in front of them so they have a reason to focus on how much I’m struggling and they can make jokes of me while not realizing how much better they are doing. Being creative to help them build confidence in themselves makes it fun for my clients and myself.

About Off The Grid Performance

Off The Grid Performance is a mobile fitness unit. OTGP is focused on giving people a unique experience with fitness. We provide the equipment, all you have to do is bring your commitment, water, and towel and we will have fun!



About Personal Trainer of the Week

Once a month, FitSW highlights one Personal Trainer worldwide that stands out – someone who keeps their clients on track & motivated, and consistently gets results.  We let them share their story and hold a quick Q & A to understand what works for them and what has made them successful.  We feel this gives you a chance to see what is working for these personal trainers.  It also allows us to recognize the personal trainers who are getting real results.

If you would like to learn more about becoming FitSW’s Featured Personal Trainer, contact! Also, reach out to our featured personal trainer Alex Portee for some awesome training.

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