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Personal Trainer Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Grow

FitSW has helped tens of thousands of trainers manage their clients’ fitness over the years. Thus, we have had ample time to talk to many of these personal trainers currently working in the industry. To be successful as a personal trainer you need to have a growing client base. But acquiring new clients is becoming increasingly more difficult. So how do you acquire enough clients to be a successful fitness coach in such a competitive industry? In this article, we will be going over multiple different personal trainer marketing tips. We will show you ways to market & expose your fitness business to consumers and increase your client base. All of the personal trainer marketing tips we offer are free. This means you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get recognized.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#1) – Using Local Businesses

The majority of the personal trainers we spoke to acquired their new clients around their local area. You may be asking yourself, how do they do this? There are a number of ways that they are able to procure new clients in their area. First, many of them post their cards in coffee shops and similar businesses. This takes minimal effort and time and can get the personal trainer a few new clients.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips Cross Referring Partnership

Posting your business cards in coffee shops is easy, though you will only get a few clients from this strategy. A much more important way of acquiring new clients is to form cross-referring relationships with local businesses. This includes the nutritionists, chiropractors/physical therapists, hair stylists, massage therapists, sport coaches, and anyone similar to this in your area. Reach out to these people/businesses and offer them a cross-referring partnership/relationship. The more referrals you give them, the more they will give you. This is a sure-fire way to grow your client base, while also helping out other local members of your community.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#2) – Online Training & Referrals

Another great way to market your fitness business is to make a big announcement to all of your current clients. Tell them that by popular demand, you are now offering online personal training and are accepting new clients. After you make this announcement, offer all of your current clients a referral deal. Referral deals are when a client refers a new customer to your business, they will get some sort of discount. You will gain countless new clients and have income in your pocket for months to come with this method. In addition, you will also be helping out your current clients. Referral discounts save your current clients money, which will positively increase your relationship with them. To find out more information about how to set up a referral program, click here.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips Referral Program

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#3) – The Internet Is Your Friend

One of the biggest things we found is that the internet can be a great tool for growth. There is so much competition in the fitness industry. So, anything you can do to separate yourself is crucial for the success of your fitness business. There are multiple ways you can increase your exposure with an online presence. The first of many online personal trainer marketing tips is to become known as an expert in a certain area. This can be anything from specific sport training, elder training, etc. This will increase your exposure when someone looks up a trainer for that specific fitness area. However, just because you are an expert in one area, does not mean you shouldn’t accept clients not in that group.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips Use The Internet

Take advantage of other people’s internet success. If you can get a popular blogger to write a post about your business/expertise, that will be great exposure. Finding a blogger will not be hard. Simply reach out to a few people and try to get them to review your business. This not only increases your exposure, but can help your business in other ways, such as SEO.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#4) – Using FitSW

We are always looking to help personal trainers, fitness professionals, and gyms grow their client base. If you have a subject you want to cover for our blog, we would be happy to post it! We would give you full credit for the article, post all of your information about your business, and cross post it to all of our social media sites!

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips FitSW Helps Personal Trainers

We also offer our “Trainer of the Month” (example: Featured Personal Trainer Channell Holmgren) program. In this monthly post, we choose one trainer to feature and post all of the information they would like us to share. FitSW also posts every blog post we make to social media, so it will be very good exposure! If you would like to be our featured personal trainer of the month, contact!

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips – Conclusion

We wanted to give you some personal trainer marketing tips because growing your client base it important to growing your business. Using local people and businesses can help out tremendously. Also, starting a referral deal with your current clients could bring in a lot more clients and could exponentially grow your business. Finally, try to get someone (like FitSW) to post something about your company on their blog. This is very good exposure and will at least bring more attention to your company.

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  • I’ve been training for about 6 years and have been doing pretty well, but after stumbling onto this guy’s site…
    I’ve adopted some more techniques to build my business even more.

    The guy, Stu, helped teach me how to get on my local news, and he was also really nice when I sent him an email to ask about pricing my sessions.

    I actually increased my pricing structure and have gained more clients. It’s a great site if you want to build your training business.

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  • Thanks for these awesome marketing strategies! I think these strategies just work about in any local businesses in general. I have a small local business as well and indeed cross-referring between other businesses and referrals from clients do increase your client base.

  • nice read! Thanks for the tips. More power to you!

  • Great article with fantastic detail and depth. One creative strategy I’ve seen help increase exposure and get new clients is to partner with colleges to offer fitness classes through the extended education programs. They’ll get your offerings in their course catalog and are pretty flexible in terms of working with you to schedule them at slow times. You’ll get some free marketing, links to your website, and a small amount of income and introduce a whole new set of individuals to your gym. Once there, give them a great experience and focus on converting them to new clients.

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  • I am looking for some good blog sites for studying. I was searching over search engines and found your blog site.


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