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Motivation “is the reason for people’s actions, willingness and goals”. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important in the fitness industry. If you clients do not have motivation, there is a high probability that they will discontinue their training sessions with you. Clients hired you, the personal trainer, to help them stay motivated on their fitness journey. If you are able to successfully motivate your clients, they will be more engaged, stay on-track, and continue training with you. However, increasing client motivation is not the easiest thing to accomplish and requires coaches to do multiple different things. So, how do you increase client motivation?

Make Your Workouts Fun

Making your workouts fun is a great way to increase client motivation. If your clients are not enjoying their workouts, they will become unmotivated. A big part of workouts not becoming boring is mixing up your workout routines. If you give your clients the same workout and exercises week after week, your clients are going to get bored, fast. Talk with your clients and see which workout routines that they enjoyed the most. Then, build workouts based on what they have liked in the past, but with some variety. This will ensure that each workout they do is fresh and enjoyable. In addition to this, make sure you bring a positive attitude to each and every training session. If you are in a bad mood, it will put your clients in a bad mood as well.

Use Personal Training Software

Technology has changed the ways we function in our day to day lives. It has made our lives easier and the same can be said about personal training apps & software. Personal Trainer Software helps clients stay motivated and on-track because they can visually see their progress. For example, FitSW enables trainers to send messages directly through the app. This means that you can connect with your clients in seconds. You can also see their entire workout history, making is easier than ever to build workouts that have worked for your clients in the past.

Increase Client Motivation By Tracking Progress

Tracking your personal training clients progress is a great way to increase their motivation to continue their fitness journey. This is because they can see how much they have been improving by training with you. Personal Training Apps give trainers the ability to show their clients their progress by either showing them exercise progress graphs or progress photos. If your clients know that they are making great strides to achieving their short & long term goals, they will certainly have more motivation to continue training.

Connect With Your Clients

Building rapport and positive relationships with your clients are a great way to increase their motivation. You do not need to be best friends with every one of your clients, though having good relationships with them are important. Make sure they know what they are doing right, how much progress they’ve made, and what is going on in their life. For example, if they are having a bad day, find out why they are feeling that way. Additionally, make sure you show appreciation to your clients. Your clients chose you, out of hundreds of options, to train with. This is why it is important to show your appreciation.

Set Goals

You should set both long term and short term goals for your clients. Additionally, you should also speak with them to get a better understanding of what they want to achieve by training with you. If you only set long term goals, your clients will become unmotivated as they will not achieve these goals for a long time. Though your clients may want to lose 30 pounds, this will not happen for a good amount of time.

Setting short term goals, such as “run an extra mile” or “bench-press 5 extra lbs this week”, can have a tremendous impact on your clients motivation. These are merely examples and you should set goals that are specific to your clients long term goals. It is important to note, the goals should be attainable in specific time frame. Find out what your clients what to achieve and set goals that they can achieve while working towards their long term goal.

Offer Rewards / Incentives

Offering rewards and / or incentives can be a great way to increase client motivation. Everyone likes to be rewarded, regardless of the situation. This is exceedingly true for fitness industry. If your client reaches one of their short term goals, reward them with a free or discounted session, a social media shout out, or a free t-shirt. However, every client is different. This is why it is important to make rewards client specific. Find out what they value and give them rewards that they will like. Doing this will ensure that they feel appreciated and stay motivated throughout their fitness journey.

Other Ways To Increase Client Motivation

Social media is a fantastic way to increase client motivation. It gives you a platform which you can connect with your clients (see section Connect With Your Clients for more information). Share motivational messages, post the accomplishments of your clients (with permission of course), and create communities for your clients. For more on connecting with your clients, check out the section above! If you want personal trainer marketing tips, you can find all of the information you need by reading our marketing tips for personal trainer blog article!

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