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Featured Personal Trainer Channell Holmgren

Featured Personal Trainer Channéll Holmgren

Featured Personal Trainer Channéll Holmgren is an Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist who enjoys travel, the outdoors, writing and learning about other cultures. She believes in training mind, body and spirit. The philosophy of helping individuals achieve their personal/performance goals (developed through her Clinical Nutrition Experience and experience training athletes as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for club volleyball). She found her heart and passion centered on helping everyday people who wanted to become healthier and more fit.
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Channéll performing an exercise demonstration.
Channéll is a Nutrifitt sponsored Trainer/Athlete and partnered with her local city, City of Reno to provide FREE fitness classes to her local community to encourage healthy living for all. She has her hands in everything from speaking, mentoring, fitness, nutrition and authorship.

Question and Answer with Featured Personal Trainer Channéll Holmgren

What is your favorite activity with clients to break up monotony?

I offer a variety of different fitness classes with fun music, ever changing progressions and styles of training. This gives my clients the opportunity to meet new people, develop a sense community and not skip out on training days!
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What are some of your favorite resources to use as a trainer and why?

I’ve been using FITSW for a year or more, as a gym and as a trainer. It’s a great way for me to plan and keep my clients accountable, as well as my staff. I love the new app and all the new features! It makes communication with my clients accessible in one place – especially goal and progress monitoring! I recommend it to everyone.
In addition, I love being able to track the entire workout and the option for my clients to view a demo video in case they forget what an exercise is.
Personal Trainer of the Week Channell Holmgren

What was the single most important thing you did in your first 6 months for your business and why?

The single most important thing I did was put myself, vision and ideas out there in organic conversations. I turned down no opportunity and agreed to every engagement I was invited to. I also consulted with my mentor, attending entrepreneurial mentoring and made sure I was the first in and last out every single day. Work ethic and passion speaks for itself.
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Channéll’s Social Media & Websites

Instagram/Snap/Twitter: @channellnicole, @inspirememommym @inspiredbypurpose
Links:  USE CODE CHANNELL10 for 10% off
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