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Personal Trainer Web Updates

We recently updated the website with an improved layout and design for our users. Personal trainers, fitness coaches and their clients will all find the site even easier to use.  These personal trainer web updates make the site easier to use overall with:

  • Updated look that’s more interesting to use for trainers and their clients
  • Improved navigation to help trainers and client quickly get to where they need to go
  • New layout to make it clearer to see the information you are looking at.
Personal Trainer Website Updates Fitness Client Dashboard
Updated client dashboard view showing client list and their workout, task, and diet completion rates.

Personal Trainer Web Accessible from Any Device

FitSW has both Android and iOS apps for mobile devices.  However, our updated personal trainer web app is still optimized so that it can work on any device – mobile included.  This way, clients can decide which platform they like best.  On the new website, the design and layouts of screens like workouts and meal plans will adjust to fit your device.  These adjustments will create an excellent mobile user experience for both you and your clients.

Personal Trainer Website Updates Fitness Client Dashboard Mobile View
When viewing from a mobile device, the view of the Client Dashboard adjusts to best display the information trainers and their clients need.

Personalized Trainer Profile Page

One of the page updates that we are really excited about is the new Trainer Page.  This feature allows personal trainers and fitness coaches to easily create their own webpage.  On that page, they can share whatever info they would like to with exiting clients and potential clients.  The new look presents a professional look to any clients or potential clients.  

Personal Trainer Website Updates Fitness Personalized Trainer Profile Page
Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches using FitSW can easily create their own Personalized Trainer Page for free in order to share information with current and potential clients.

On this personalized page, trainers and coaches can specify the services they offer along with locations that they serve.  They can choose whether to include Phone and / or Email.  They can also add additional information about themselves in additional sections.  These sections include: General Bio Info, Training or Coaching Specialties, Certifications and more.  There is even a place for clients to make a payment on the trainer page.  The trainer just have to have payments set up which is extremely easy.

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