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Accepting Payments From Personal Training Clients

Sometimes it’s just easier, faster and more convenient for personal trainers to have their clients pay them with credit cards or debit cards. FitSW enables trainers to accept payments from their clients directly through the app’s financials feature. In a previous post, we had talked about enabling trainers to accept payments from their clients.¬†This feature had been in beta for several months and is now available to everyone.¬†Below we will give more details on accepting payments from personal training clients.

Setting Up The Ability to Accept Payments as a Personal Trainer

In order to use the payments feature, the personal trainer must have a premium account. To set up the ability to accept payments, click on the Financials tab when logged in and then click the Payments button.

Navigate to Payments from Trainer Dashboard

You will be taken to a page where you can click the Begin Accepting Payments button. From there, quickly enter the necessary information with our payment processor and your account will be setup.

Payments Page after Account Setup

After your payments account is set up, your payments page will show you details on how your clients can make payments to you as well as a link to your Payments Dashboard. This link will show details of payments received, payouts to your account, and your Payments account settings.

Payout Dashboard Option for Personal Trainers

How Clients Can Make a Payment

There are two places a client can make a payment.  First, is they can visit their Personal Trainers Public Trainer Page (if payments have been set up by the trainer).  This is the personalized page that trainer can set up using the My Page tab.  Using this method, the client doesn’t need to login but the trainer does need to have set up their personalized page.  At the bottom is the place to make a payment.

Trainer Page on Web
Clients can make payments 2 ways. This image shows the first way: using the trainer’s personalized page.

The second way is the client can log in to their account and then click on their own “Payments” tab.

Clients Can Make Payments to their Personal Trainer

From there, they will have options for purchasing packages, sessions, and making custom payments.

Both ways are very simple and the client just needs to enter the amount they will be paying, enter their credit / debit info and that’s it.  The new payment feature makes it easy for both the personal trainer and their client.  This feature will soon be coming to our Android app as well.  If you would like to see it on iOS as well, please let us know.

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