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We have added quite a few new updates to our personal trainer scheduling feature lately. One brand new update to our personal training scheduling software is that we now give trainers the ability to set their open availability quickly and easily. We allow you to set your schedule availability within a simple-to-use modal window. Clients can then view what times they can book time on your calendar. They can find an open slot and request that time. Then, you as the trainer can approve or decline that session. Setting your availability is now even easier.

Set Your Schedule Availability

First, access your schedule by clicking “My Calendar” in the side navigation bar. You will then see your calendar. From there click the “My Availability” in the upper right as seen below.

personal trainer scheduling software

You will then see a window popup where you can set your available times for every day. You can mark entire days as unavailable. Additionally, you can specify multiple windows per day that you are available. Finally, we make it very easy for you to enter availability windows. You can also then quickly copy those windows to other days. We have made it as simple as possible to set your availability.

personal trainer schedule availability

Once you set your availability, you and your clients will see the times outside of your availability as greyed out. They will also be marked as “Unavailable”. Clients will then know that you are not available at those times. They will then know what times they can request on your calendar.

Clients Requesting Sessions

Now that your availability is set, clients can request appointments on your calendar during your available times. You will receive a notification and then be able to accept or decline their request. If you accept the appointment, it will be added to both your client’s calendar and your calendar. Additionally, you can add things like notification emails or push notifications to remind the client about their appointment.

Other clients who visit your calendar will now see that booked time as unavailable. These other clients won’t see the specifics of who the session is for. However, they will see that time as blocked off and not available to book. We talk more in a previous post about the client schedule booking process and additional features. That link also outlines how you can accept or decline a client’s requested time.

Time management can be difficult for personal trainers especially with all the different appointments and clients to keep track of. Our new personal training scheduling features make it easier.

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