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Personal Trainer Workout Creator Improvements

Personal Trainer Workout Creator Improvements

We recently made several improvements to the workout creator in our iOS and Android apps along with several updates in our web app at  These personal trainer workout creator improvements include the ability to have more than 5 different reps and weights specified for each exercise and the ability to add exercises on the fly while building a workout.

More than 5 Different Reps and Weights For Each Exercise

We have now added the ability for users to specify many different weights and reps for each exercise.  Previously the app only allowed users to specify up to 5 different weights and reps. Now users can add up to 10.  For example users can now create a workout that looks like this:

Personal Trainer Workout Creator Multiple Reps Weights
Trainers can now create workouts with more than 5 different reps and weights per exercise.

Users can create workouts like this by simply entering commas between each rep or weight while adding the exercise.  It should look like this:

Personal Trainer Workout Creator Multiple Reps Weights Entry
Enter multiple reps and weights for an exercise by separating each instance with a comma.

Add Exercises on the Fly while Building Workouts in Mobile Apps

Website users have been able to add exercises on the fly while building a workout for a while. Now, this same personal trainer workout creator improvement is available on the app.  Trainers no longer need to first add an exercise to their exercise list before they can use it in a workout.  Now, a trainer can build a workout and add an exercise right there from the Workouts tab and it will be added to their workout.  The app will save the exercise to the trainer’s exercise list.  Here is how to do it:

  1. Users should tap the Add Exercise button like they normally would while creating a workout.

    Personal Trainer Workout Creator Add Exercise
    Tap Add Exercise as normal
  2. Then when the Exercise list comes up, the trainer just needs to hit the new “+” button in the upper right to add to this exercise list.

    Personal Trainer workout Creator Add Button
    Click the “+” button to add an exercise that doesn’t already exist to the workout on the fly.
  3. The app will then display the Add Exercise screen for the trainer to add the exercise name, a demo link and the muscle group.

    Personal Trainer Workout Creator Finish Adding Exercise
    The Add Exercise screen works the same way as the Add Exercise screen from the Exercise List tab. Enter exercise name, demo link, and muscle group.

Complete the above 3 steps and the exercise will be added to your workout.  It will also be in your exercise list going forward.

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