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Client Workout Results Tracking – New Feature

New Fields: Client Workout Results Tracking

We have added a new feature to Workouts in addition to the ability for personal trainers to build workouts on FitSW.  We have now added client workout results tracking.  Personal trainers or clients can fill in the actual results during or after their workouts and then compare with the original plan.  Below is what it looks like.

Client Workout Results Tracking Record Results Button
Enable recording of what actually happened during the workout by clicking the button with the red square around it. This will bring up the “Actual Results” fields.

Enter Actual Results for Your Chosen Workout Fields

Personal trainers or their clients can activate this feature for any workout by clicking the button with the red square around it.  They can then enter the actual results for any field they would like.  All fields are optional so you or your clients can fill out whichever fields you would like.  Maybe you only want your clients to enter the number of reps they did with the specified weights – then everything else can be left blank.  It’s completely up to you – no fields are required.

Saving Workout Result Data is Simple

We made entering workout results data as easy as possible. The webpage will automatically save the data as the trainer or client enters it.  There is no need to click a save button.

Easily Remove hide Fields for Simple to Read Workouts

Hide the “Actual Results” by again clicking the Workout Results Tracking button highlighted in red.  The website will save all the data entered into the “Actual Results” fields.  Clicking the same button again will then show the saved data again.

Client Workout Results Tracking Hide Results
Hide the “Actual Results” fields by clicking the button highlighted in red again. The website will save the data even though it has hidden the fields.

Client Workout Results Tracking on Mobile View of the Website

This feature is also available on the mobile view of the website using the same button. This feature on mobile website viewing works the same way.  The only difference is for cases where there are multiple reps or weights for a specific exercise.  This is shown as comma separated on desktop (example: 12,10,8) but on mobile there are individual fields for each rep count as seen below.  Trainers or clients can record actual results for each of these fields.

Client Workout Results Tracking Mobile View
Recording Workout Results is also easy to use on Mobile and works similar to the Desktop view.

Update: This feature is also now available in the iOS app and Android app and is described in this blog article.

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