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Exercise Progress Feature Update – Web

We are excited to announce our new exercise progress feature! This update has added many new features to our website application. Additionally, it will be coming to our mobile apps very soon! With this new update, there are new progress tracking graphs. They use the data from your clients workouts and automatically place them in beautiful looking graphs. Recently, we updated our progress tracking graphs with many new features. These features are also integrated in our new exercise progress tracking graphs! The ability to zoom, an updated design, and integrated notes are included on both graph types!

Exercise Progress Graphs vs. Assessment Graphs

graphs column updated client list screen view
New view of “Graphs” column on the Client List screen.

As you can see in the image above, there is a new option in the Graphs column on the Client List screen. Beforehand, this section included an option for “Assessments” and “Pictures”. However, we have replaced the “Pictures” category with “Exercise” (the new exercise progress tracking graphs). You will find more information on where to find the “Pictures” category later in the article. Additionally, the assessment and exercise graphs include different data and will be explained in more detail later on.

Exercise Progress Graphs

exercise graphs

These new exercise progress graphs show exercise data over time. You can now view both the amount of weight and reps your clients were assigned and how much they actually completed. The planned weight/reps is outlined in blue and the actual weight/reps your client did is outlined in red. For example, if you chose 8 reps at 120 LB’s for you client, but they only completed 7 reps of 100 LB’s, you can see the discrepancy in the graphs. This gives trainers the ability to adjust workouts for fitness clients. Additionally, you can create more detailed fitness plans based on what clients have or have not completed in the past.

Assessment Progress Graphs

assessment progress graph

The assessment progress track data that you enter. These include bicep measurements, BMI tests, waist size, and any other assessment you do for your clients. The assessment graphs have a new design. Additionally, we added 3 new features to these graphs. For more details on these features, view our blog article on our updated assessment graphs!

Table Format View

table format view progress tracking graphs

Alongside our new exercise progress tracking graphs, FitSW’s table format has also been updated. You can now see the same data from the exercise graphs, in our table format. For example, you can see the amount of weights/reps you assigned for a client and the amount of weight/reps they actually completed. For our assessment graphs, these contain the same data/same look. However, we recently added the ability to include notes for our assessment graphs/table.

Other Information

If you aren’t seeing your data in the exercise progress graphs, simply view the workout you want to see data for. This will make the data appear in the exercise progress graphs. However, all of your future workout data will automatically appear in these graphs.

The progress picture button was previously located underneath the Graphs column on the Client List screen. However, due to the new exercise progress graphs, this has been moved. You can find the progress photo button underneath a client’s name. Additionally, the icon for the progress photos can be viewed below this paragraph.

new progress photo location

We are very excited to have released this new feature and would love your thoughts! If you have any feedback or comments on the new exercise progress graph feature, contact us! You can do this by connecting with us on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or support page! Additionally, you can leave a comment on this blog article! We typically reply within a day or so!

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