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Personalized Personal Trainer Web Page Update on Mobile

Updating Personalized Personal Trainer Web page in iOS & Android Apps

Every personal trainer that uses FitSW has the opportunity to create their own personalized personal trainer web page.  This page allows them to share details on their Personal Training Services, Specialties, Certifications, Contact information and more. The trainer can specify the web page address so that it can be at where the trainer can choose what NAME is.  The trainer can then share this page with potential or existing clients.  If the trainer has enabled it, they can even accept client payments on this page.  Now, we have enabled trainer to quickly update the information that appears on this page right from there phone in a minute.  More info on Trainer Pages and how to update them on the website can be found here.

How to Update Your Trainer Page from the FitSW Mobile App

The Personal Trainer Web page can be updated from the Profile Screen in the mobile app.  In iOS you can access this screen by clicking on the “More” button in the lower right and then selecting “Profile”.  In Android, the Profile screen is accessible from the side bar.  On that screen you will see your profile information.  If you want to enable your Personalized Page, ensure that the switch is turned on.

Personalized Personal Trainer Web page Activation Switch
Ensure the Personalized Page switch is on to show your page details.

Everything below that switch is related to your personalized page.

  1. The Your Page field lets you specify the address for your page.
  2. The Headline is what shows as the title of your page
  3. The General Information, Specialties, and Certifications fields allow you to write in details about you and your business.

    Personalized Personal Trainer Web Page More Info
    Additional Fields on your Profile page lets you further customize your Personalized Trainer Page
  4. Specify whether you offer online training and whether you offer In-Personal Training.
  5. Select your location so that potential clients can find you.
  6. Specify what information you would like to share on your page.  You can share or hide your phone, email, or profile picture.

Clients View Your Page in App

Not only can people view what you share at your personalized web address, existing clients can view the information you would like them to see in the mobile app.  We added a new page for clients called “My Trainer” that lets them view what you have share on your personalized personal trainer web page.  If you have enabled it, they can even Call, Text or Email you at the tap of a button.

Personalized Personal Trainer Web page Client View
Clients can view the “My Trainer” page in app to see information that you have chosen to share.

App Setting Page Updates

You may have noticed that with the above Profile Page changes we moved some Settings to their own page.  Here you can control things like automated mailings.

Personalized Personal Trainer Web Page Settings Page
New Settings page lets you control things like automated emails.

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