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Featured Personal Trainer Klasha Ray

We are excited to announce May 2019’s featured personal trainer Klasha Ray! Klasha Ray, AKA 1st Lady NICCE, is an Air Force veteran and a single mother of 2! She works full time for the Fire Department as a 1st Responder Emergency Manager. Klasha is not only a personal trainer, she is also a Beachbody Coach and a Beachbody LIVE! Piyo instructor! In addition to all of this, she also runs a personal blog website.

featured personal trainer klasha ray

“I have a lot on my plate but I still find time to work out 4 mornings a week and train clients face to face! I’m telling you all this because YOU can fit health and fitness into your busy schedule! It’s possible and I can show you how to do it! As you can see I’m an excellent organizer and planner. I mean I plan emergency response for a living! Get fit where it fits in!” – Featured Personal Trainer Klasha Ray

What’s is your favorite thing about being a trainer? 

I enjoy seeing the change in my clients. Their confidence, their bodies and mindset. Helping them reach their goal and having that celebration with them when it’s achieved. Most of all I like to help people. Every career I’ve had has been in public service and helping others.

What was the single most important thing you did in your first 6 months for your business and why? 

I really sat down for the first 6 months so I could truly think about what I wanted to achieve. For example, what type of client I would train, my meal plans, different workouts for different stages in life. I wanted to specialize in working with people that have medical issues and/or disabilities. So, it was important for me to know how I would accomplish that. Also, I ran test groups with my friends to make sure my plans worked! I wanted to see results before introducing them to the public.

What is your favorite activity with clients to break up monotony?

I like to talk during the workouts! For example, I like asking clients how they feel, asking about their weekend, their work life, etc. I keep a sense of humor throughout it all! Also, I record the sessions for social media so clients get a kick out of being recorded and I’ll tell them, “dress cute for this session you’re going on social media!” Clients will show up in matching yoga sets and a full face of makeup!

Featured Personal Trainer Klasha

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