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Exercise Database for Personal Trainers – The Benefits

A large part of a personal trainer’s job is to create and edit workouts to assign to clients. That is why an exercise database for personal trainers is key. Check out FitSW’s exercise database here. Personal trainers must be fastidious in their creation of workout plans on top of managing multiple clients and other elements of their business. Running any kind of business is far from easy in the first place, much less being the sole proprietor and employee of a business that clients rely on heavily.

The problem that personal trainers run into when running their business is the time it takes to create workout plans, assign them, and track their clients’ progress. Trainers need maximum efficiency when managing clients and creating programs and workout plans for their clients. Before the development of fitness technology that assists in increasing the efficacy of trainers, it was all pen and paper and data tracking programs on computer discs.

Though, as tech developed, trainers found they can crunch the numbers in more ways than imagined. In this article, we will cover some of the ways exercise databases make training more efficient, some examples of databases, and how to create one.

How do you create an exercise database in FitSW?

With FitSW, you have an exercise database for personal trainers already created for you! With over 900 exercises stocked with demo videos and GIFs, trainers have plenty of material to get started with. Better yet, trainers can add an unlimited amount of exercises to their database as well. If unable to find an exercise to fill a spot in a workout, then an exercise can quickly be created in the database.

Exercise List in FitSW
The exercise list in FitSW with a filter to show the Middle Back muscle group.

For any exercise database for personal trainers, its organization is important. In FitSW, the the exercise library is categorized by muscle groups, difficulty levels, and equipment. This helps the trainer easily sort and find the exercises they need. This boosts efficiency by allowing trainers to add exercises to a workout right when they find them.

Outside of fitness software, trainers can pull information from other exercise databases to use when creating plans. However, one cannot simply click and add the exercise to a workout plan as they can in apps like FitSW. Exercise libaries integrated with workout builders help to automate the processes of building unique workouts for clients. These exrecises are reusable puzzle pieces to fit into workout plans where they fit. Best of all, trainers never have to create them again! They are stocked full of all the information clients need to succeed.

Using the FitSW Exercise Database for Automation

Automation comes with the tasks being fulfilled by software to make the business more efficient for the personal trainer. Automating tasks helps increase accuracy as well as it does with efficiency.

Though, exercise databases tremendously impact the efficiency with reusable exercises to add to workout plans. These exercises come stocked with exercise demonstration videos, images or GIFs, muscle grouping, and equipment needed. For clients, this is almost all of the information they need to succeed and safely complete their workout. To top it off, though, FitSW allows trainers and clients to input their own notes on the exercise. This opens the door for more education for the client from the trainer. Additionally, the trainer can recieve feedback from the client on the exercise and their ability to complete it.

Add exercises from list to workout
Use the exercise database in FitSW to create workouts.

Automation comes into play when the trainer only needs to apply the effort once to the database. In less than a minute, a trainer can add an exercise to the database in FitSW with all of the aforementioned information. While the trainer is building a workout plan, they only need to search the exercise database for the desired exercise or filter out exercises within a certain muscle group. With ease, trainers add exercises to the plans with one click.

Many apps exist for personal trainers, however, the FitSW app is the least expensive. Overall, it offers many of the same personal training features as its competitors in the personal trainer software industry.

Exercise Progress Tracking for Clients

The best part of having an integrated exercise database for personal trainers is the ability to track exercise progress. With a database in FitSW, progress is saved over time when the client completes the exercises in an assigned workout. This ties in with the reusability aspect of the exercises to copy and edit into any workout routine you create.

To go further, the methodical logging of data associated with exercises helps people stay in tune with their training. Studies show that if a person focuses on methodically monitoring their progress on a specific goal, then they will be more likely to achieve that goal. With that said, the FitSW stores all data related to workouts, so the reps, weights, times, and rest.

With that said, there is no excuse for missing out on data recording opportunities as the app is available on all devices. Therefore, exercise progress should never go uncharted. For trainers, this is ideal for keeping clients motivated and consistent in their tackling of objectives.

Other Benefits for Trainers and Coaches

With an exercise database at the trainer’s fingertips, they can build out their own workouts and track their own progress to their fitness goals. Trainers and coaches have their own lives to manage and improve on as well! Therefore, an exercise database can help trainers to manage their own health as well as their clients’.

Exercise databases available online are great for getting in a quick reference to ensure that the trainer is well versed in the form and technique. This is where trainers can draw ideas for workout routines and newer, more advanced exercises as they progress in their careers and their clients progress on the fitness journey.

In fact, ACE is the leader in providing the most innovative research and science-backed changes to exercise. Therefore, ACE makes for a fantastic resource for trainers to stay updated on new exercises and learn detailed information about any other exercises.

Education is a massive benefit from other databases available online. Keeping clients from becoming bored with their training can become difficult to do! It is the biggest challenge for people on their own to understand how to vary their fitness routine, so trainers and coaches must stay on their game.

Thus, referring to these databases can keep workouts fresh while staying effective. On top of that, learning new workouts can make client workouts more effective than before if newly discovered workouts help target points of improvement for clients.

FitSW’s YouTube channel also offers new exercise videos every day!


Trainers find exercise databases tremendously helpful in several ways. From the reusability in creating workout routines and programs for clients to the learning and continued education on innovations in exercise. Databases and libraries are essential to personal trainers to keep their programs fresh and effective for their clients.

Not to mention, it helps to keep trainers own personal workout regimen fresh. With their own fitness improvements and client fitness improvements, the business will run smoothly as ever. It just takes a bit of elbow grease and the use of automation to best utilize these libraries of exercises.

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