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Event Thumbnails on iOS – FitSW Updates 7.9.2021


Event thumbnails are now available on iOS! Clients can get a sneak peek of what to expect from the nutrition plan, workout plan, or task their trainer has assigned them. These previews provide more details on the event and can help users pick out events from their lists. In other words, they are much easier to reference!

Event Thumbnail editor and view on iOS - Mockup

Additionally, trainers can keep all of their assignments branded by including their logo or other branding in the event thumbnails. A streamlined experience for customers is a more effective and more memorable one. So give your clients something to share about with a polished-looking events list and killer workouts!

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This week on the FitSW web app, trainers have the ability to view programs assigned to clients in their profiles. Underneath the tags section, the programs a particular client has assigned to them will appear. From there, trainers can manage the programs by editing or deleting them from the client’s assignments.

[web] Updated Profile w/ Programs

Clients will still be able to access their active programs through the Programs tab on their left-side navigation menu. Here clients can stay up to date with their assignments and manage them accordingly. From this tab, clients are also able to enroll in any programs their trainer has made available.

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