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More features for Google Fit and Apple HealthKit are Here… Are you ready?

This year, we’re expanding our wearable tech integrations with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. So are you ready to to continue growing your training business with FitSW? We hope so. Automation is the future, and FitSW is here to help you manage your fitness business with ease.

Apple HeathKit

Apple Health Integration with FitSW

In December, we began our ascent into the world of wearable tech where you can track an even larger number of metrics automatically. To get the ball rolling, we started our integration with Apple HealthKit by using it to automatically collect clients’:

  • Sex
  • Height
  • Date of birth

Now, clients can choose to give their trainer access to daily step data!

Step Data Graph on FitSW on iOS form Apple Health

Data for steps displays in the app in a chart similar to the other progress charts for metrics and exercises. In the future, more data pulled from Apple HealthKit will display in graphs in the FitSW app.

Google Fit

Integrations with Google Fit are a brand new development that we are excited to bring our Android users. At the moment, Google Fit is in the beta testing stage as we want to make sure that you all can reap the benefits right off the bat, with no trouble.

Google Fit now integrated with FitSW!

You can join the beta by navigating to FitSW in the Google Play Store on your mobile device. This will give trainers and clients access to the benefits of using Google Fit before its full release. Therefore, if you want to get familiar with the program or just want to test it out, then this is your opportunity.

Beta testers, we encourage you to send us your feedback on the use of Google Fit! Anything that you find extra beneficial about this integration or any issues you run into please let us know at We would also love to hear your suggestions for other data integrations from Google Fit that would benefit you.

Benefits of Using Wearable Tech Metrics

For trainers, this information is tremendously helpful in understanding how active their clients are outside of their training sessions. Additionally, trainers who like to assign daily step goals to their clients, they can now track that progress easily using Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.

We plan to continue adding wearable tech integrations that fetch data to display on the FitSW app. Calculating metrics is vital to the job of a personal trainer. Think about all the time you will save without needing to manually calculate these metrics for each client.

For clients, understanding their health data day-to-day is important to staying motivated. As we continue to integrate, it will become much easier for clients to easily track their own data as well. Who doesn’t love neatly organized charts to visualize data?

Please share with us your feedback on what integrations you would like to see from wearble tech in the future. We will prioritize the most popular requests to keep you guys running your business strong and efficiently.

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