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Updates to Our Web and Android Apps for Personal Trainers

Shamelessly, we are very excited to announce updates to our web and android apps for personal trainers. The updates come right after a couple big feature releases, subscriptions and packages.

This update includes:

  • Table sorting on sessions and subscriptions.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Your services are now more accessible from your trainer page.
  • Macros are now totaled as you you add food items to meals.
  • Custom brand colors are now displayed on the trainer pages of those that purchased a custom web app.
  • Updated super set and workout functionality.
  • Exercise list sorting.
  • General functionality improvements

Okay enough rambling, you’re probably curious about what “infinite scrolling” is! Well, me too so lets dive in. In this blog post, we will be exploring mainly the web updates.

The Android updates were mainly primarily improvements to general functionality and eliminating some small bugs that were reported. While we are at it, we’d like to say thank you to those who have reported bugs or submitted feedback.

We take any bug report or feedback submission pretty seriously as it really helps us provide a better service and platform.

Web Updates

1. Table Sorting on Subscriptions

Web and Android Apps for Personal Trainers: Table sorting on subscriptions

You can now filter by client name in your subscriptions list. That’s right no more scrolling down a large list of subscriptions when trying to find a clients subscription.

2. Table Sorting on Sessions

Web and Android Apps for Personal Trainers: Table sorting on sessions.

Alright, now we’re talking! Although infinite scrolling is a part of this update, fear not, there will be no infinite scrolling here. Filtering on client name, session date, and session status helps you keep clients accountable.

3. Trainer Page Improvements

Web and Android Apps for Personal Trainers: Trainer Page Improvements

Now all of the subscriptions and packages you put together are available on your trainer page. Making it easier then ever for prospective clients to access your services.

4. Infinite Scrolling

Do you have a lot of workouts or meals created? Previously, the page would load the entire list at once which could take awhile. Now it loads the top of the page first and loads the rest of the page as you scroll down.

So now, you’ll just be infinitely scrolling rather then infinitely waiting! Woo!

5. Totaled Macros

Web and Android Apps for Personal Trainers: Macros totaled

When creating meals and meal plans, the macros are now displayed as totaled values for individual meal items and entire meals. Making it easier for clients to hit not only their fitness goals but also nutrition goals as well.

Tip: If you would rather just simply prescribe macros instead of entire meals, you can create a custom food called “Macros” where you input macro values. Then assign that to your client as their nutrtion prescription. Example below.

This is a good way to give clients a guide for macros they should be hitting while giving them the flexibility to pick the meals they eat.

6. Trainer Pages with Custom Branded Colors

Trainer page with Custom Colors

Now, if you have purchased a custom web app, your brand colors will display on your trainer page as well as your logo in place of FitSWs logo. Creating a consistently branded experience for you and your clients.

Have Feedback on Updates to our Web and Android Apps for Personal Trainers?

Feel free to comment on this blog post, fire off an email to, or reach out to use on Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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