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Packages and Subscriptions for Personal Trainers

Without further adieu, FitSW presents to you two new features: Packages and Subscriptions for personal trainers. With these two features, you can make your services more accessible for prospective and current clients. Don’t just make working out easier, make the checkout experience easy too. So, what’s with the hype you say? Feast your eyes.

Packages and Subscriptions for Personal Trainers (Screenshot)

First, Packages.

Personal Training Packages Screenshot.
Figure 1. Packages from the trainer’s view

With packages you can sell various offerings to your clients and would be clients. Discount sessions when bought in bulk, provide smaller packages to clients just getting started, or sell more involved packages for clients who are a little more serious.

Either way, this is guaranteed to create a more cohesive client experience from selling your packages to managing your client in the FitSW app.

Notice, you have the ability to activate and deactivate your packages. This is great for running temporary discounts, offering seasonal packages, or testing how different packages perform.

In addition, Packages will give you the ability to leverage sales strategies as trainer. Create custom packages based on the needs of individuals or create general pipelines for clients to follow.

From the client perspective (Figure 2), it’s a rather simple checkout experience. Enter number of packages. Pay. Workout. It’s that easy.

Packages and Subscriptions for Personal Trainers: Packages from the Clients View (Screenshot)
Figure 2. Packages from the clients view

Second, Subscriptions.

Have clients who are long term? Simplify your billing through setting them up with a subscription.

Much like packages, you can create different subscriptions for different needs from clients who are just getting started to more advanced clients.

The possibilities are endless. Want to host a group training class once a week? No Problem. Create a group training subscription, offer time slots on your schedule for people to book, and there you have it. A group training subscription. Viola!

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