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Review of Elite Sports’ Women’s Compression Leggings (Spats)

Our product manager, Jennifer, had the chance to try out the white women’s compression leggings from Elite Sports. Compression leggings help with reducing muscle soreness and increase oxygen uptake through the muscles. Essentially, compression leggings aid in warming up your muscles and help reduce injury during workouts.

Jennifer did a yoga session to try out the mobility and comfort of these leggings. She found that they were soft, comfortable, and had a full range of motion in them. The level of compression was not too high but just right for an everyday workout.

However, the only downside was that the white was quite see-through, so there is not much guessing left to do for what you’re wearing underneath. This most likely is not the case with other colors. However, compression is great for layering under anything else you would like to work out in.

If you’re brave enough to start a new workout plan, then you’re brave enough to try white Elite Sports women’s compression leggings (spats). Great stretch for any workout you are attempting and amazing quality!

Elite Sports has a comprehensive array of world-class gear for all things boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Their gear is used by world-class fighters, but it’s priced reasonably so you can train like the pros. We thought our users might enjoy learning about this great athletic wear! Perfect timing around the holidays to get those last-minute gifts in.

Stay tuned to the FitSW blog for anything and everything you need to know in the fitness world. Check out our other reviews of gear from Born Tough athletic wear.

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