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Clothing Review: Born Tough Women’s Tracksuit Bottoms

Working out in unfashionable and unfitted clothing is becoming a thing of the past. This past weekend, I tried out Born Tough’s women’s tracksuit bottoms. I am ready to say that they are some of the best athletic pants that I have owned. Athletic wear needs to keep you comfortable, be breathable, and they have to be durable. Whether you are going on a difficult hike or doing a strenuous workout, you rely on your clothes to support your range of movements.

Born Tough’s tracksuit bottoms stood the test of my bodyweight workout and a nice long hike here in Colorado Springs. Let’s get into all of the reasons why these tracksuit bottoms have me considering setting aside a budget to purchase more Born Tough athletic wear.

Born Tough Womens Tracksuit Bottoms
Check out Born Tough’s website for other colors in the tracksuit bottoms.


Most athletic wear these days is on the very high end of pricing. You pay a lot more money for fashionable clothing that fits right and lasts a while. When I read the prices for the clothing on Born Tough’s website, I was impressed. The clothing is fashionable and very affordable. For a hoodie that would otherwise cost $60, Born Tough only charges $34.

When I received the tracksuit bottoms, I was impressed at the quality of the material for the $30 price. Usually, tracksuit bottoms or leggings would be $10-$20 more. In terms of the material, the bottoms feel like a soft, snug sweatshirt.

The Workout

I’m not quite a fitness fanatic, but I love getting in my taste of nature and staying in shape.

You absolutely do not want your tighter-fitting clothes giving out on you in the middle of a workout. Born Tough’s clothing is made for a slimmer fit, and at first, I was a bit worried about the flexibility I would have. The material at touch seems very durable and not necessarily the stretchiest. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the range of motion I had.

I completed an at-home bodyweight exercise instead of hitting the gym because it’s by appointment only and they’re always full. Although, when I do go to the gym wearing these bottoms, I will be walking in with confidence. They shape my features so well! Some leggings and tracksuit pants do not accentuate your bottom half very nicely. However, these are tailored really nicely to make you look as good as you feel.

To start off my workout, I did a series of stretches beforehand and had no problem with the bottoms getting tight or pulling in uncomfortable ways. I had the same experience with the bodyweight exercises I completed afterward. Some of the exercises I did were single-leg reach jumps, trunk rotations, mountain climbers, and sumo squats.

I went on a short jog around my neighborhood afterward to cool down (and get the scoop on what my neighbors were up to). It’s a bit chilly here in the mornings, and aside from the heat of my exercise, the bottoms did a good job of keeping my legs warm against the slight breeze.

The Hike

The bottoms proved extremely comfortable during my home workout. So, I decided to put them to the Coloradan test on a hike the following day.

For me, pants and leggings not staying up is an extremely annoying problem that occurs when I’m running or hiking. These bottoms have a nice elastic waistband with a drawstring, so that problem was completely mitigated.

The one issue I came across was the sweat marks showing up quite a bit. It dried very quickly and was not an issue for long. Although, light grey material is always notorious for showing any dampness. The quickness in which they dried was nice, especially for it being colder weather.

Claire wearing tracksuit bottoms on a hike.
These bottoms a great for any type of workout!

My strategy for clothing on hikes is layering because the chill in the altitude is hard to predict. I get hot pretty quickly and then vice versa, so the bottoms fit well to my needs. They kept me warm but were still breathable enough that I didn’t get too hot.

Also, the pocket held my phone snugly. I had to do some climbing around boulders to follow the trail I was on. When exercising with your phone and listening to music, it can be terribly frustrating to hold or keep tucked in your waistband. I have many leggings that have a small pocket in the waitband, but they don’t hold my phone very securely.


Born Tough’s athletic wear is great for any exercise and looking good while doing it. For the price, you receive high-quality clothing that is durable and flexible for the workouts you complete. I am looking forward to trying out more of their products in the future!

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