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Workout Creation For Client’s – Usability Improvements

We recently released two updates to our web software which include the ability to draft workouts for your clients and new features to our workout creator. Now, we are happy to announce we had released more usability improvements and features to our workout creation for clients feature! This update includes an easier way to add exercises to your workouts, updating the design of our workout screen, and a more seamless way to copy exercises.

Easier Way To Add Exercises To Your Workouts

Adding exercises to your workouts is a vital part of your personal training business and we’ve just made it easier. Now, when you click the “Add Exercise” button, our exercise list will automatically appear. You no longer have to click the exercise in the workout creator. It will appear instantly when you want to add an exercise.

workout creation for client's - adding exercises

Design Improvements

design improvements for workout screen

Our workout creation for clients got a new design improvement! When scrolling over a workout, diet, or task you will notice that the workout will be highlighted. We have also changed up the coloring of the workout creation for clients page, making it easier to read exercises.

Seamlessly Copy Workouts

copying workouts modal window example

A new modal window will appear when copying workouts, diets, or tasks. This makes it faster and easier to copy your events to additional clients. Simply pick the clients you want to copy it to, the name of the event, and the date you want it to occur on. You can also choose to save it as a draft or publish it immediately and whether you want it to repeat It’s that simple!

Once you click the copy button, you will receive a success message on the top of your screen (see the image below). If you would like to edit the workout, simply select the text “click here to view”. This will take you to the workout creation for clients screen and you will be able to update it. If the selected the workout to repeat, you can also update one or all of the workouts for the new client!

workout successfully copied message

FitSW Wants Your Feedback On Our Updates To Our Workout Creation For Clients

We are very excited to have released these improvements to our software and would love your thoughts! If you have any feedback or comments on this or anything else, contact us! You can do this by connecting with us on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or support page! Additionally, you can leave a comment on this blog article! After that, we typically reply within a day or so!

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