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Bug Fixes and Updates Announcement

bug fixes related to recent feature release

Recently, we added new features to our software that included the ability to draft workouts, workout creation updates, and many more features. However, with these updates came some new isolated instances of bugs. Thanks to the feedback from our trainers, we were able to release bug fixes for these issues!

We’ve received a report of supersets not saving and workout information not being saved as intended in certain situations. After rigorously testing our software and using the feedback provided, we were able to identify and quickly fix the problem. Additionally, we have updated our web application with the necessary fixes and all of these bugs are fixed. If you are still experiencing problems or have any feedback to share, we would love to hear it! Your bug reports help us identify the problem faster and expedite the process significantly.

The bugs that we have solved in this update include but are not limited to:

  • Supersets not saving correctly. If you took a specific sequence when adding your exercises to your workouts and then proceeded to make them into supersets, they would not save after saving your workouts. This issue has been rectified and is now functioning as intended.
  • Workout information saving differently than entered data. A user reported that some of their workout data would change after saving. This bug was associated with the superset problem and has now been resolved.
  • Workout orders saving incorrectly. A trainer reported that after saving a workout, their exercises were saving in the incorrect order. This bug was also associated with the two issues above and has been solved.

Leave Us Your Feedback On These Bug Fixes!

If you have any additional bugs to report or other information to share, do not hesitate to let us know! We take our user feedback very seriously and will find a fix as soon as possible. Please contact, or reach out to us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Bug Fixes and Updates Announcement

  • Quick question on creating programs…
    What is the easiest way to add exercises…. in order to add exercises i first save them to favorites in order to create list…is their a better way to do that. I noticed unless you save them to favorites theres no other way to add the exercise or exercises to a program…
    In addition, the last time i added a new exercise the video did not load, i tried readding n still did not work, ive added new exercises before, with having a problem with adding the video, but once i reentered it it loaded, this particular one did not….
    Love the program feature, since you added it, it definitely speeds up creating a workout for an existing or new client, but is there an easier way other then adding the exercise to favorites first before creating the program..
    Thank you

    • Jessica

      Hi Kori,

      Thanks for reaching out! You can add exercises from your exercise list or when you are creating a workout (add it when you select an exercise for your workout). Our workout program feature is still in beta as we continue to get feedback from the community. If you would like to see something changed or added to the workout program feature, please let me know!

      For the video not loading, I’d like to investigate this further. Please contact and we’ll get the issue sorted!


      • Ahhh got it….
        As far as that video, tht was the only one so far i had an issue with..possibly copyrighted is wht im thinking but will get in touch with chris thanks!!


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