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10 Things to Include in Your Gym Newsletter

Your gym newsletter is an important communication tool. It’s a way to keep your members informed about what’s going on at the gym, upcoming events, and new programs. It can also help increase engagement with your gym. The more information people know about your gym, the more invested they become. You can even use the Newsletter to introduce staff which can help members feel more connected with the people at your gym.

Your newsletter can also be a valuable way to re-engage former members who have been thinking about coming back. When they see new interesting things happening at your gym, they are more likely to take the leap and come back. The same goes for potential members who may have visited once or signed up for your newsletter. The gym newsletter can be a great follow-up to a successful gym advertising campaign. Here are 10 things you can include in your newsletter.

Newsletter Headline

This is the most important content of your gym newsletter. Therefore, it should be displayed large and prominent and easily stand out from the background to ensure that it’s noticed. People these days get so many emails, many just skim headlines in order to see if the rest is worth reading. It’s critical to make sure your headline is captivating and interesting. This will entice members to stop and read the rest of your newsletter. Your headline needs to tell members exactly what they’re going to get out of reading it. This is similar to the headlines in your gym content marketing work to generate leads.

Cover Story

This is the second most important piece of content. Specifically, this will be an article that will be of the most interest to your members. If you can get your members to read this and they enjoy it, they will be more likely to read more of your newsletter. However, no matter how interesting you make it, some members will only read the cover story. So you want it to be the most important information you want to convey to your members. This is because it will be the part of your newsletter that the largest number of members will read. This could be details about something exciting or important that’s happening at the gym.

New Program Information

Members enjoy hearing about new programs at their gym. It makes your gym seem dynamic, fresh, and exciting. Your gym newsletter is the perfect place to write about them. This could be an article about something new, like a Pilates class or self-defense seminar. You could also include information on special pricing or signup deadlines.

Event Information

You should feature at least one upcoming event in every issue of your gym newsletter. This will keep members excited about coming back to the gym. This could be a special membership offer for an upcoming competition, a drawing to win free annual membership or information about a fun new social event.

Class Lineup

Include a list of the classes that are currently being offered at the gym and their schedules in every issue of your newsletter. This is critical information that your members will want to know. Plus it will help reduce the number of questions your staff will have to answer about this topic and save their time. If you have a difficult time putting together this list, there are class schedule templates online to get you started.

Group Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words! You can spend paragraphs talking about how many people came out to an event and how much fun people had. Or you can just include a picture of everyone who came out with big smiles on their faces. A picture is a lot more fun and engaging. Members want to spot their favorite instructors and see what classes they’re teaching. Include photos of them in action right beside the class listings. It will also help busy people who didn’t have time to attend a particular class to remember it and make sure they don’t miss out.

Staff Corner

Your staff is the backbone of your gym and can be a key part of keeping people coming back. Highlight staff in a section of your gym newsletter. Feature one staff member per issue on your newsletter’s “Staff Spotlight” page. Let members know what hobbies, interests, and activities your team likes to do outside of work. They will appreciate knowing that their instructors are real people with interesting lives who just so happen to also be teaching them how to get fit.

Member Spotlights

People always find information on other people interesting. Include a section in your newsletter called “Member Spotlight”. There your members can read about another person at their gym. Out of all the people at your gym, at least a few will want to be featured in this section. You can work with these members that want to be featured here to craft a little blurb. This is a great place for publicizing personal achievements and recognizing the efforts of your committed team players. Its also helpful in showing that everyone at the gym is working toward a common goal — being healthier.

Healthy Recipe

Adding a recipe section can also be fun. Everyone likes to eat! A recipe section is in part, targeted toward people eating healthier in order to lose weight and become more fit. This can be easily tailored for your gym’s newsletter by choosing healthy recipes that are compatible with the meals eaten at the gym’s snack bar if it has one. This section can really engage the foodies and also motivate some people to submit recipes.

Testimonials and Letters to the Editor

This is an excellent way to hear what your members think of you and your newsletters. It will also give them a chance to share their success stories with other people at the gym. You can include progress photos from people, if you like, for that personal touch. Again, this section really focuses on engagement with your members which is a key goal of most gyms.


The above might seem like a lot to include if you don’t yet have a newsletter. However, you don’t have to include all of them right away. You can start by adding one or two of these sections at a time and experiment. Find out which sections your clients appreciate the most. If you need templates there are free newsletter makers out there that provide a wide range of templates for everyone.

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