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Schedule Automated Messages on Repeat

You can now schedule automated messages in the FitSW platform to send to your clients on a specific schedule. That means you can set a repeating schedule for automated messages to go out to all your clients. You can set it to repeat every other day, every 4 days, or on a specific day of the week. This is useful if you want to send a reminder about a class to all your clients the day before. Especially if that is a class that occurs every week. This is also useful if you want to send a motivational reminder every Monday. It saves you time from the tedious work of writing out that message several times.

You have been able to schedule and broadcast messages for a while using FitSW. However, this repeat message capability is brand new to save you even more time. Communication with your clients is critical to building a strong relationship but it also takes time. Of course, you don’t want all your messages to be scheduled. However, the ones that are simple reminders are well suited to be automated in order to save you time. Here is how to use you can use some automation to schedule these reminder-type messages.

Scheduling Your Message

To get started, go to your messaging center by clicking on the message icon in the upper right. You will see all your chats with clients. Click on the “Broadcast” button in the upper right. This will open up the Broadcast and Scheduled messaging feature seen below.

schedule automated messages

This screen should be familiar to you if you have scheduled messages before. If you click the Calendar icon, you will see additional options below which you can see now include a Repeating option.

If you tap the No Repeat selection box you can then set your repeating schedule.

Setting a Repeat Schedule

You can either choose to repeat a message on some sort of Daily schedule (every day, every other day, every 3 days, etc). Additionally, you can choose to repeat a message on a Weekly schedule (every Monday, every Tuesday and Thursday, etc). You can set how long you want it to repeat for whether that is until a certain date or you can have it continue to send indefinitely. You can also set the time for when you would like it to send and of course, chose which clients you want it to go out to.

Below we have scheduled a motivational message to send every Friday at 5:15 pm until May 27. As soon as you hit the “Save” icon, FitSW will schedule your messages. If you want to modify it, just click on the “Scheduled” tab and you will see the message there for you to edit. You can edit the contents of the message and the schedule.

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