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Additional Programs Features – FitSW Updates 6.25.2021

More programs features available to trainers this week to help keep trainers organized and clients on top of their assignments!


In FitSW, trainers can easily tag clients upon adding them to their client list. Tags can help organize clients by any category trainers wish to customize! For example, you can filter the client list by tags to see only clients who are involved in strength training, nutrition-focused, or sports training. Tags are completely customizable and up to the trainer to create!

This week, we introduced the option of assigning programs by tags. Make one program and assign it to all clients it pertains to at once! Use tags to your advantage to make program assignments simple and efficient.

[Web] Assign Programs by Tag - Programs Features

To assign programs in bulk to clients through tags, click on the “Add” button underneath the program name and the Assign to Clients modal will appear. (Pictured above)

Press the “Tag” option on the right side of the modal and then choose from the available tags you have clients assigned to from the drop-down menu. Simple as that! Using this and other programs features, get your clients started off on the right foot.


In addition to programs features, when creating programs on the web, trainers can add auto-messages. Auto-messages are the notifications and pointers that trainers would like their clients to receive about their program. Trainers can assign these to days in a program, write up the message, and schedule the time they should receive the message on that particular day. Schedule any number of messages for clients to receive throughout the day and throughout the program.

Programs Features - Auto messages on iOS Mockup

Previously, this option was not available when creating programs on mobile. However, iOS users can now include auto-messages in their programs when creating them on their Apple devices. When adding a new event to a day in a program, choose the auto-message option from the drop-down list. From there you can type up the message and schedule the time the client will receive it.

Download the FitSW iOS app today to get training anywhere, anytime.

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