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Join our Pilot Program for Live Classes.

Are you a trainer interested in our live virtual classes? Get a jump start on everyone else by joining our pilot program for live classes.

We have just recently launched live virtual training classes as a new feature on FitSW. However, when considering our sister site, FindTrainGain, we have big plans for how we want to integrate the two features together.

How it Works

First, some background. Prior to launching live virtual training classes, we launched FindTrainGain (FTG). We launched FTG as a part of an effort to help any and all trainers who use FitSW get discovered by more clients.

The deal is, if you have an active trainer account through FitSW then you get listed on the FTG site, a site in which we are actively driving traffic too.

With the live training classes being released, we are working on giving trainers the ability to list their classes on FTG, open to the public.

The Pilot Program

We are looking for trainers who want to host a couple classes through FTG and work with us throughout the process to provide insight and feedback.

Really, our goal is gain a more holistic point of view and gather feedback on live class streaming through FitSW and FTG.

How to Join the Pilot Program for Live Classes

If you are a trainer interested in testing this new feature and working with us, shoot an email to either or

We will get back to you and actively work with you to schedule a class and test it. Any feedback you provide will be collected and used to better the feature for all trainers and clients.

If you are able to workout with us, we will announce your class on social media as well. We want to test the feature in the most realistic setting possible and have fun while doing it.

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