FitSW Android App For Personal Trainers Update


FitSW Android App For Personal Trainers Update

We recently released a complete redesign of the FitSW Android App For Personal Trainers and Clients and also added new features and improvements.  This new design makes it easier to navigate the app and quickly do what you need to do. Whether it’s adding workouts, updating a diet meal plan, or viewing progress, the side bar lets you quickly do what you need to do.  We also added new features to the android app for personal trainers and for clients described below.

New Side Bar Menu for Both Personal Trainers and their Clients

Trainers can access the new side bar menu from any screen in the upper left.  Below is what the side bar menu looks like.

Android App For Personal Trainers Sidebar
The new side bar helps personal trainers and their clients quickly navigate the FitSW Android App.

New Personal Trainer Schedule / Calendar Page

Personal Trainers and their clients can now view and update their Schedules just like they can at and with the FitSW iOS app.

Android App For Personal Trainers Schedule
The FitSW android app now includes a scheduler that is linked to the website scheduler.

Separate Food List and Exercise List Menus

We have broken out the Food List and Exercise List items into their own menu items.  This lets you quickly add, edit, or delete items in your food or exercise list without you having to navigate through many places.  It also simplifies the Workouts and Diets pages so that those are easier to use

Improved Exercise Demo Video Drop Down

Its now easier for your personal training clients to view exercise demo videos without leaving their workout page.  The new demo links slide down the page to show a video instead of taking you to a brand new page.  Here is how it looks:

Android App for Personal Trainers Workout Page
Demo exercise video links are next to each exercise. Check out the next image to see what happens when it is clicked.
Android App for Personal Trainers Workout Demo Video
Instead of leaving the page, your client can watch the demo video on the same page as their workout with our slide down demo links.

Other Android App Changes

The above are just a few of the improvements in our new Android app.  We have also added several usability improvements and other changes.  Give it a try and let us know how we can make it even easier for you to use.

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