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Automatically Email Personal Training Clients iOS App

Automatically Email Personal Training Clients iOS App

FitSW saves you time by allowing personal trainers to set up automatic emails and notifications for your clients.  We recently added the ability to control these automatic emails and notification right there in the iOS App.  A personal trainer can have FitSW automatically email personal training clients when the trainer creates or updates a new workout, diet, task or scheduled an appointment.

Automatically Email Personal Training Clients Profile Screen
The updated iOS App Profile screen lets you control which Automated Emails are sent.  These same settings are also available at

If this is set up, the trainer doesn’t need to do a thing.  The system will automatically email personal training clients.  This email will prompt them to login to the app / website to view their workout, diet, task or appointment.  If the personal trainer wants to send the workout, diet plan, or task directly to the client through email they can do that to using the “Email” button on that particular event.

Automatically Email Personal Training Client Email Workout
Personal Trainers can click the “Email” button on a particular event screen in order to send the Workout, Diet, or Task directly through email.

Receiving Workout Completion Notifications

Personal Trainers can also setup FitSW to notify themselves via email when a client marks a workout, diet plan, or task as complete.  These automatic emails make it easier for trainers to keep tabs on fitness clients without always having to log in to the app.  These notifications can also be turned on or off on the profile screen in the iOS app.  They can also be updated at

Other Updates

Changing to Personal Training Client Account

FitSW gives Personal Trainers the power to create client accounts and control everything around that setup.  There has been a case recently where a client accidentally signed up on their own and accidentally created a trainer account.  We now have created a way to quickly remedy that problem on the Profile screen.  The client just needs to get their personal trainer’s Trainer Code from their trainer and then click the “Change To Client Account” button on the Profile screen.

Automatically Email Personal Training Client Change Account Type
Clients who accidentally signed up with a trainer account can now change to a client account. They just need their trainer to give them the trainer’s trainer code.

Submit Feedback Quickly Within the iOS App

We love all the feedback you have given us.  So we have now given you another way to provide it quickly, right in the iOS App.  Simply click on the Feedback link in the more menu.  Tell us what you think or let us know your improvement suggestions.  We are listening.

Automatically Email Personal Training Client Send Feedback
Personal Trainers and their clients can now send us feedback quickly without having to leave the iOS App.

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